pomegranate's story (Never before published)

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  • Pistoff

    THANKS pomegranate............what a great story.

    I am thinking of telling mine.....though I am still in.

    I would love to name the circuit overseer that tore up our congregation, and lied to his best buddy elder.......also MS that beat his wife and sent her on her way......



  • Scarlet

    Great story. Thanks for sharing.

  • pomegranate

    Good morning everyone!! There is common denominator with all our stories, isn't there?.

    I hope this can help others to see that this JW religion is not "the Way." Well, it is the way to chains and shakles and heavy yokes.

    It's surely story like these, time and time again, with all kinds of folks from different walks of life
    that reveal the TRUTH about JW's. They do not have the truth. They never had it and never will.

    May all experience the freedom that only the full release from JW slavery can bring.


  • sunshineToo

    Wow, pomegranate, great story!

    The elder who was the source of the slanderous accusations in the other hall, moved into the same hall we were presently attending. My wife and I were numb and dumbfounded. My brother (PO) knowing full well our past situation with this brother comes up to me and says, Is this going to affect you?

    Just for my curiousity, did they ever give you a reason for this? This is just unblievable!

  • pomegranate

    Well, my wife and I believe it was all based on jealousy. Just before the "ship hit the sand" with all this later crap, I was going to be given my elders stripes the next CO visit time around. Elder boy and his wifey poo didn't want me in the "club" and concocted their scheme to keep me out. I am glad it worked!!!!

    These two actually lived above us when we lived in an apartment that my father-in-law owned. We were the social type people, had lots of friends and had people over and get togethers all the time. Our place was "the stop" for the pioneers in the morning to have their early morning break after doing the train station behind us. These people were not that popular (wet rags had better personas I believe). What was even more ridiculous, is the FIGHTS these two would have that we could hear upstairs. I mean screamin', yellin' dishes being thrown full blown rumble fights!!! And this guy was made an elder during the height of this BS...

    You know, it's funny what you don't let yourself see while you are living in a land of make believe...

  • minimus

    Hi POM, I've been reading quite a few of your exchanges lately, and I wondered what you were all about. Your story told me a lot about you...thanks

  • blondie

    Ric, your story definitely shows how people "leave" gradually as the unchristian acts of those at the KH erode away (those with family members that you want to get out take note. It takes time to see the light.) You might say that "the light got brighter" in your case about the hypocrisy in the organization. What a lie to spread! Brother Barber of the wandering hands. (Do you think that brother was stalking you...that is deliberately switched?)


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