Im addicted to [email protected]!!!!! Are you

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  • haujobbz

    Strange thing to tell all of you,but i had to get it off my chest im hooked to coke (the original) i just cant seem to let a day go by and not have a can of cola and some choccy bars mmmmmmmmmmm, but i was thinkin its really bad for you isnt it to drink coca cola every day and choccy bars,

    I bet all of you on here are addicted to something similar cmon confession time!!!

    Also whos knows about the harnful effects of coke i need to if it really bed for you then i may stop drinkin it!!

  • Crystal

    Coke(soda) is very damaging to the Kidneys.This new generation that is drinking it day and night will have serious problems,it also depleats the calcium in yours system.

    Now chocolate I have heard two different things, its bad for you, its good for you.I choose good.LOL

    Everything in moderation.

  • JanH


    Coke(soda) is very damaging to the Kidneys.This new generation that is drinking it day and night will have serious problems,it also depleats the calcium in yours system.

    Do you have any references to support this?

    I used to drink 1.5 liters (3 pints) of Pepsi every day. I found that it didn't make me feel good in the long term, so I dropped it. Water and fruit juices are fine. Now I only drink sodas as mixers in long drinks

    - Jan

  • haujobbz

    RE: crystal

    Thanx for the tip,what sort of damage can it do to my kidneys "Dr crystal" LOL

    Im really worried now,say i stop now will it reverse the effects of the damage to my kid knees

    Wonder what i can drink as a substitute.


    Chocolate,definitly chocolate.I only have it around the house at Halloween and Christmas,other wise I will eat it..All of it..LOL...OUTLAW

  • haujobbz

    Although i heard people say to me why you wanna live forever, just because we live only for a short time it doesnt mean that i want to abuse my body,im into staying healthy(contradiction) and want look after my self and also want to slow the efects of aging down.

    I know theres worse things i could be addicted to, i mean isnt lager or any fizzy drink bad for you if the intake is not balanced,surely if say i just drink a can of coke every other day wont that be better.

    Also just because certain things effect us does it mean it will effect all of us the sameway,maybe im more resistant to coke than others,who knows?

  • Mary

    Actually, I'm surprised you aren't DF'd for being addicted to coke and/or're not giving the elders, proper honor!

    Actually, a far more serious problem in the hall were the number of alcoholics there were and I don't mean the rank and file publisher.......I'm talking the ELDERS!! Five out of the 8 elders we have all have serious drinking problems, freakin' lushes!!!! So naturally, any time there's an article on booze, they skip over it pretty darn quick. Drunken pigs.............

    "Now brudders.........less all stan ifyacan.........ta zing zong number five hundrid and dwenty-won........"

    99 bottles of beer at the Hall;
    99 bottles of beeeeer;
    If one of those elders should happen to fall;
    35 bottles of beer at the Hall!!!


  • haujobbz

    Alcoholics jws really?

    Honor the alco,s lol

    I suppose jw reasoning is worse than coke!!!!!!!!

  • Crystal

    Journal of Amercia Association has been warning people for years now that carbonated drinks will cause serious kidney problems over a period of time(in severe cases kidney transplants will be required)It also weaken the bones,making them brittle.

    I attended a workshop at Stanford University, the topic was something like "Aging and the human brain"They believe highly processed foods, refined sugar,dyes,and anything carbonated is possibly the reason people have Alzhiemers(forgive my spelling) If you think about the "old days" People never had Alzhiemers,grandma was sharp as a tack at 100 years old (if she didn't die of something else)

    Jan H, be careful of those juices, alot of them are loaded with surgar

    DR.?? I like that, I will be sending you a bill.

  • ThiChi

    What do you think of the new Vanilla Coke?

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