Donations for Literature?

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  • Andyman

    I know that there is a variety of posters here from different places. I have seen some from Canada, the U.S., and Australia, and England. So I wanted to ask about the "Donation" arrangement for literature.

    Somebody in another thread mentioned the "double" payment thing. Where you donate at the hall when picking up the literature, and then again you are to donate what ever you get when going door to door.

    Now I have a guy on another site that "claims" the society doesn't make any money because they get "free" literature, and the give it away, only taking a donation if it is offered.

    I know how it is done in my area. It is the donate at the hall and donate what you get in service thing.

    Is it different in other lands, or is this guy just trying to make it look like the society is being generous?

    Thanks in advance for your input.

    Take care.


  • katchoo

    I am in the southern US, and it was exactly that way here. You "paid" for the literature at the KH, then you took all your donations from field service and put them back in the contribution box.

    Another interesting point I found somewhere:
    The property the WTS owns in Brooklyn heights alone would generate almost $10,000,000 (yes, TEN MILLION) in tax money each year for the city of New York-- that is IF they had to pay taxes on it. Makes you wonder what their total worth is, and what their holdings overseas brings the grand total to. (?)


  • Roamingfeline

    Here in Australia, it is the same as it was in the USA. You pay for the literature at the KH and whatever you get for donations in the FS you put into the contribution box too. Double payment all the way. Hmmm.. what was that scripture in the Bible about being greedy?

  • mgm

    Here in Switzerland and Germany is the same. We also pay two times for the literature. But I have to say, we seldom get a donation from the field service.

  • Dubby

    Interestingly, When the "donation" arrangement came about, the WT said it was to "simplify". Yeah, right. They didn't want to say it was because of the Jimmy Swaggart court case in California, in which the WT lawyers wrote a "friend of the court" brief in favor of Swaggart.

    I swear, the WTS really believes it's people are stupid. Or maybe so loyal that they will just overlook these things. Which most will do. Sad.

    "Enjoy God's creation, ride a dirt bike!"

  • waiting

    Hey, y'all,

    Here in the South, USA, same set up - and we are periodically reminded of our conscientious duty as Christian Jehovah's Witnesses to do what we can afford, as the KM quoted articled sets forth for us.

    I really think the older ones take the brunt of the payment at the KH - at least they say so. Get some old sisters together and they go on and on and on......about how they are always careful to "donate" for their magazines when getting them from mag. counter - lest we should forget."

    And several times, experiences have been given from the platform or people raising their hand (the darndest thing I've ever heard) about strangers donating $10.00 (or so) and "I promptly put it in the World Wide Preaching Contribution box." AND EVERYBODY CLAPPED like something wonderful had been done!!!!

    We have had it announced from the Society that payment for literature is down (not all people are always going to cover their cost - human nature). But was the Society making money before the contribution system was put in place? If so, then by us paying for the magazines, and by asking for donations from strangers, I would think, in my opinion, that their costs are "adequately" covered.

    If they were profiting from literature sales before the contribution system, perhaps they are profiting a bit less now? Could that be their problem?

  • RedhorseWoman

    waiting, consider what it costs the Society to produce literature.....less than a penny for either magazines or books. After all, the only cost they have is for the actual materials...all labor is free.

    The "sales force" pays for the literature up front, then they "donate" whatever money they get from the public.

    This sounds like another case of doublespeak. Perhaps the payment is down, but costs are certainly adequately covered.

    Think of it....what is the average suggested donation for a CD? I've heard several different amounts, but it's usually $50 or more. You can burn a CD for less than $1.00. Again, all labor is free. That's a pretty hefty markup.

  • Andyman

    Someboyd brought out a point once on another site about the fact that every magazine they print gets paid for.

    All 6 million JW's, and their children, each pay for their copies, and then they pay for ALL the magazines that go out the door. So if you look at it that way then it has to be profitable.

    As for the cost of printing I have heard different qoutes, one site says that they make about 500% profit on the magazines. If that is right, and since EVERY magazine is paid for by publishers, and then extra money is made when people donatate, I would say they are doing pretty good in the printing department!

    Take care.


  • waiting

    Man, I hate to sound like Friend, but here goes:

    1. I run a business. I pay for labor (WTBTS doesn't), buildings, furnishings, equipment, vehicles, taxes (WTBTS doesn't), materials, insurance, medical and medicines on the non-paid employees (WTBTS does, I don't) insurance on old pioneers (one in our family, WTBTS does) repairs, lawyers (WTBTS has lots of 'em), food, animals for food (WTBTS I think still does have the farm?) and so many other that they are almost countless.

    Yes, I believe they are a profitable business - but come on, they have a tremendous amount of expenses also. Look what they have to pay for good PR coverage!

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  • RedhorseWoman


    Such wonderful arguments. Makes me want to sell the old homestead and live in a cardboard box just so I can send the money to Brooklyn.[8>]

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