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  • thinker

    From the Forward of The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures:

    The Forward starts on page 7 with these words: "The original writings of the Christian Greek Scriptures, commonly called "The New Testament," were inspired. No translation of these sacred writings into another language, except by the original writers , is inspired."

    Page 8: "No uninspired translator or committee of translators can claim any direct command from the Most High God to engage in translating the divine Word into another language."

    Page 9: "In presenting this translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures our confidence has been in the help of the great Author of The Book. Our primary desire has been to seek , not the approval of men, but that of God, by rendering the truth of his inspired Word as purely and as consistently as our consecrated powers make possible."

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    i get the point . only the fds,s tranlation is of the new testement is inspired by god. funny how the wt is the only ones who can understand the bible and greek. so every one throw out all your bibles not published by gods sprit directed org, the wt . i,m starting a barn fire like the nazi,s bring all books not from the wt to burn . OH i forget bring all old wt books TOO!!! IT,S OLD LIGHT ...JOHN

  • abbagail

    Great stuff, Thinker. I have that book right here but would never have read the Forward in a million years. Those are some powerful quotes. It's a keeper, as they say. Thanks for pointing this out.


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