JWs at my door !

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  • Celia

    Well, for the first time in at least a year, JWs came to my door this morning. I was in the backyard, watering my baby quince trees --- drought conditions even here in beautiful VT --- when my beautiful dog started to bark like crazy, inside the house --- I can't let her out by herself, she would disappear --- So with my empty watering can in one hand, in my best gardening outfit (dirty white tank top and dirty beige shorts, torn out sandals) I came to the back door and here they stood, in their sunday's best, bags and magazines and bibles and all...

    One was a younger Philipino lady, the other an older american woman, in the car in the driveway were the husband and son of the Philipino lady...

    They show me a mag. titled "The Government That Will Bring Paradise" and the Awake! from August 8. I ask them if they have the latest Watchtower, (somehow I kind of remember reading something here in this forum, but I couldn't remember waht it was about...) So the older lady goes back to the car and comes back with a WT titled "What has happened to Hellfire?" So I said I'll take this one and the 2 others, just curious... So how much do they cost... Well, they're free, but if you want to make a donation, blah blah... So I say, well, you had to pay for these, I just want to reimburse you... the older one jumped, we didn't have to pay for them... So I say, Well, you made a donation then,... Yes that's right... the Philipino was giggling at all that...

    While the older one was at the car looking for the WT, the other lady showed me the Lord's prayer in her Bible... As a Catholic, I told her, I know this prayer by heart... So I ask her : do you say this prayer during your meetings ? After all, Jesus asked us to pray this way... The older one is back and tells me that Jesus said we should pray in this manner, but not exactly like that... I say, well, if Jesus says that we should pray this way, it's good enough for me. She repeated that it said : in this manner, is not repeating the prayer in the Bible, word for word...with the usual contemptuous tone of most JWs. The older one also emphazised that God's name should be sanctified... Do you know God's name ? Yes, Yahweh... Well, Yahweh is the Hebrew name, the english name is Jehovah...

    I said sanctify God's name doesn't mean we have to worship a name, but have great respect for the person behind the name and what He does... Well, she says, it says we should sanctify His name... blah, blah...

    She said that they would be back in a week or so... I didn't say anything about all the current controversies. Maybe next time.

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  • DakotaRed

    Celia, sounds like you are teasing them a little Reeling them in slowly???

    Lew W

  • Celia

    I was thinking after they left.... Why do they bother going door-to-door anyway ? All they do is show you some of their magazines, read a verse in the Bible and that's it. If you, the householder try to say anything they don't agree with, or that they are not allowed to listen to or talk about, they just ignore your comments, usually in a very arrogant manner --- kind of like --- well, we're here to convert you, we have the truth, what do you know ? How can they move anyone to even read their stuff, they are so arrogant.

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  • bikerchic

    You know they're gunna pester the hell outa you, so I'm hoping you are full of *questions* for them and make their life hell, hahahahaha!

    PS IF/WHEN you really want to get rid of them show up at the door nekid.....always worked for me!

    bc (of the Marge is laughing class)

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  • SYN

    Oooh, you told them you were a Catholic, you do know that they were muttering "goatgoatgoat" under their breath the whole time, don't you? You're basically a tool of Satan in their eyes! LOL!

  • Celia

    Actually I am all excited they came ... See, they used to visit me very often, year ago, but then I started to ask too many questions, after reading books, and searching on the Net... I even started a Bible study -- they came only 4 times -- I was not making any progress ! To say the truth, I started the Bible study just to see what it was all about, and because at the time I was researching for a paper I had to write for a class in College... Sneaky... One of the ladies even let me borrow her Proclaimer book ! Wow, what a revelation that was !

    I know so much more now, I hope I can bring up a few of the latest "scandals"...

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  • Farkel


    Last time they paid me a visit, I asked them who invented the first weapon of war. They weren't sure. So I asked them to come back after they've read their Bibles and found the answer.

    Never saw 'em again.


  • Celia

    Well, Farkel, who invented the first weapon of war ?

    Was it Cain ?

  • ISP

    Wow quince trees. Thats cool growing them!


  • Trotafox

    When I first started door-to-door work, I always remember the sisters telling me "Just remember, you know more than any householder". Even at that time and new in the Borg, I thought that was a pretty arrogant attitutde but I shrugged that thought off and honestly believed them! Gr-r-r-r. What an arrogant group of people they are. More like the Pharisees everyday. I hope God sees their arrogance and holds them accountable someday.


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