Elders, should they judge you?

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  • Beans

    Lets take a closer look at how the Watchtower thinks on this matter and how they justify there views!


  • Bleep

    *** Watchtower 1976 December 1 p.732 Giving Reproof "Before All Onlookers" ***

    The Bible regulations and accounts indicate that cases of wrongdoing came before the city elders at the gates primarily when controversies were involved, as in cases where an offender would not acknowledge having wronged another, and also when the community as a whole was seriously affected or endangered by the wrongdoing.

    As you can see, someone has to take care of the congregation.

  • jgnat

    Bleep, APOLOGIZE TO TINKERBELL RIGHT NOW! It is absolutely wrong to make fun of someone else's pain to justify your faith.

  • Bleep

    I was not making fun of anything, what made you think of that?

  • minimus

    A major factor as to why I resigned as an elder was that I felt very uncomfortable in making judgements on people who were no better than me. NOBODY, NOBODY should feel they are qualified to judge their brother. No one is that good. Leave things in God's hands.

  • simplesally

    It says before onlookers, it says at the city gates...... if their cases were a little more public (if the person wanted it that way) then the elders would weigh their decisions more carefully. The masses would pressure them to be more understanding and a little less self righteous and smug.

  • Wolfgirl

    I never thought of that before. The public forum...before onlookers...so why do they think that secret meetings where they judge the lives of others are appropriate?

  • Bang

    Why the backroom and not the city gates?

    Just as well - the only place the elders can justifiably lock you out of is their own backroom. So unless you're a would be elder there's certainly nothing to be concerned about.

    Even locking you out of the hall is not justifiable, only accepted by intimidation or self-interest.


  • Dismembered

    I'll say it again. The "Elder Arrangement" needs to be flogged, tied up, & left for dead. Elders a.k.a. Judges suck.

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  • minimus

    How do you flog and tie up the elder arrangement???

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