Bodies found in missing girls inquiry

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  • frogit

    I feel so sad that this has happened, my thoughts go out to all the familys and friends, what can I say?


  • Sentinel


    I am in the U.S., and had not heard of this horrible crime.

    So many innocents are being savagely abused and then murdered all over the world.

    The genetic makeup in many human beings is terribly flawed. Our society has a big responsibility to punnish the guilty parties. I believe that a "life for a life" is really fair in instances such as this.


  • frogit


    Yes this as been in the media every day for 2 weeks now, and the whole country as been waiting for the 2 Girls to be found. But it now looks likely they have been murdered.

    Do you over in the not get news from the ? We over in the get news.

    We will have to wait now to find out what happened to them, but I can not even think how the family are coping.

    Children are special and should be cared for and loved by all, and anyone harming them should be removed far away from children. Im not sure about the death penalty for killers.

    Sorry could not see your sad%20smily.gif


  • Southland

    In the US I had not heard about this either. There have been three or four child abductions in the last two weeks here that have received a lot of media attention. I'm sorry to hear the girls were found murdered. How terrible!

  • seawolf

    yeah I heard that they apparently found Holly and Jessica. sad.

    I live in the midwestern USA and try to keep up with foreign (BBC, Haaretz, the republic, etc) and domestic news sources.

    The only American news source that I've seen this case was on the CNN website frontpage maybe a day or two ago. I don't know if it was on CNN television.

  • Simon

    I do believe that for crimes involving children when there are very strong convictions that a death penalty would be apropriate and supported by the majority of people.

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