International Campaign Against Pedophiles

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  • Quotes

    I stumbled across this website working to stop pedophiles

    Many of you pointed out sites with illegal contents like: pedophilies, violence, sexism and racism. The Bouclier has created a data base which is regularly actualised by your information and our research. This site is already in use for justice intervention and certain services. With your help, we are going to help authorities to create services in Europe to put and end to this degrading behaviour.

    Following Le Bouclier's actions, we will strive against Internet pedophilies. We will prosecute and obtain convictions against the offenders. We are going to make public all the protections of whom certain people benefits and we will clog the world traffic of sexual tourism. We will take actions against sites if we consider that this site goes against the Child Rights and we will convey them to competent authorities.

    I wonder if should be added to their list?


  • abbagail

    Thanks, Quotes, for the info. I betcha every single JW pedophile/pervert also has a computer which they surf nightly online to get their thrills in between getting their hands on the next innocent JW kid. No doubt they hide their PC's in the closet when the "friends" stop by for a chat.

    Wouldn't hurt to zap a quick note to this organization sending them the WTS website and the Silent Lambs website, and just saying, "Keep watch on this!"

    I think I'll do that right now...

  • Beans

    I think the Watchtower is at the top of that list!


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