Reparations & Protest

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  • LDH
    Bill gates anyone???

    Bill Gates, the Harvard drop-out?

    How many of your children are in Harvard, 151?


  • Crazy151drinker

    My BAD, Bill Gates got into HARVARD because his family was Loaded! It had nothing to do with the fact that he is a bad.....

  • Hmmm


    Imagine this scenario: A white woman has sex with a black man and becomes pregnant. The father disappears, never to be heard from again. She has the child, who is obviously of mixed-race, a "person of color". Shortly afterwards she gets pregnant again, this time by a white man, who also skips town. She brings up both her children together. They have exactly the same economic and social background. Do you honestly believe one of them should be singled out to receive "reparations" or get a job to fill some quota, above his brother? How could that possibly be fair?

    Do YOU honestly believe that if these two brothersone white the other blackapplied for the same jobs, bank loans, had the same run-ins with the police, etc the black man with exactly the same economic and social background wouldnt get shot down (perhaps literally) ten times more than his white half-brother? If so, you must not live in the good ole US of A.

    LDH, you may remember that I attempted to give FD the benefit of the doubt in the Halle Berry thread, earlier. You may now kick my ass.


    I know the Gov't isn't going to shell out trillions of dollars to 'Black' folks - It's not in the best interest of the ruling elite and the best interest of our economy. ...If a type of reparations is distributed, I would want it to go towards education, housing, employment, any privilege that was/is denied to us.

    You said a mouthful. If for no other reasons than legal and logistical ones, reparations will never happen to any oppressed/enslaved people or their descendants. But if significant money were effectively put toward education, housing, employment, etc then it would be money well spent, and couldnt help but improve the nation as a whole.

    I think some have completely misunderstood your point, and others well their true colors have shone through.

    Ive never thought marching on Brooklyn would accomplish much good (beyond perhaps closure for victims) but your ideas on protesting in general have given me something to think about.


  • larc

    Hmmm, it has been my experience that blacks who get an education have very good employment opportunities, sometimes, far better than their white counter parts.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    If you ever have a chance to go and listen to any of the current African American leadership IN PERSON....without the filter of the press

    You mean like the Rev. Al Sharpton, Jr.. Now there's a gem of a spokesperson...referring to Jesse Jackson, his mentor, didn't Sharpton once say something like Jackson taught him how to negotiate with whites and how to "hustle money from the civil rights industry".

  • joannadandy

    Larry--I get what you are saying...I think it's funny when other people seem to read the word "reparations" and just go off. A few people obviously didn't read your whole post.

    Frankly I think reparations paid in the form of education is a great idea! (But then I am a future educator, and reap the benifits as well-hahaha!)

    Have you ever read any books by Jonathan Kozal? Savage Inequalities comes to mind.

    Oh yes and I must add:

    If there is one thing I have learnt from being in the BORG is that our opinions are relative. One day I'm willing to die for the BORG and the next day I want to kill myself for believing in the BORG. So our viewpoints change as our situations change. I also learned that every issue could be debated - nothing is absolute. We can quote books, peoples, experiments, data, articles, etc. to prove a point, but one set of 'facts' are just as good as the next. No matter what we believe, we can't stop the inevitable. We can debate for days but it's not going to change the movement(s).
    Beautiful! Very well said! Thanks so much for your posts!
  • gravedancer

    I hate slavery but did you ever consider that: If your ancestors had not been sent over to the USA you might have died from AIDS in Africa already.

    Setup a paypal account and collect money for your return ticket to Africa....I am sure you will be happy there.

    Here is the link to signup:

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  • LDH


    Lean over. You got a major one coming.

    Don't you know these are XJW, they never give their fellowman the benefit of the doubt. They were taught by the best scam artists in the business to believe if they have a little bit of knowledge about a subject, they are fit to pronounce judgement.

    For instance, they harp about the idiocy of Al Sharpton Jr. I concur, Al Sharpton is a buffoon. But look who loves to court him--the media. You would never see Kwesi Mfume behaving like Al Sharpton. Then again, the media doesn't love Kwesi with his conservative haircut. They'd rather give the mic to loudmouths with bad hairdos like Al Sharpton. Of course, citing Al Sharpton as though he's the only spokeman blacks have is a red herring, anyway.


    YES Bill Gates is a genius. Now, who do you think has a better chance of exploiting their potential as a child? A WASP child from upper middle class America, or a Indian Child born and bred in their ghetto known as a reservation? Perhaps you think the black child living in the ghetto with bullets whizzing by while they attempt to study their homework has the best chance.

    Or maybe it's the child of the Mexican immigrant who switches elementary schools every four months because their parents have to follow the crops?

    Or maybe it's the Laotian or Vietnamese child who had to spend his childhood serving as translator for mom and dad, because Mom and Dad were sympathetic to the US during the Vietnam conflict and then US Armed forces pulled out, and brought some sympathizers with them.

    Why can't you look past the rhetoric of the media and see that ALL CHILDREN ARE NOT EQUAL from birth. ALL CHILDREN ARE NOT GIVEN THE SAME OPPORTUNITIES FROM BIRTH.

    I support any movement that grants all children equal care, education, and access. That's all it's about, IMHO.

    As long as the majority believe that "all children are given the same chances" they are in real danger of a violent revolution.

    Just look at what happened in Seattle when the WTO attempted to hold their annual meeting. THE WHITE KIDS rioted and kicked some corporate ass. WHY? Because they understand that Corporations worldwide will rape and pillage the people. The elite few will become millionaires, and the employees will be underpaid and overworked. They understand it is NOT about race, it is about the HAVES vs the HAVE NOTS.

    Economic racism is alive and well in America, and there is still an elite class that the best in the world will never penetrate. You think I'm exaggerating? Tiger Woods, the best golfer in the world, can't play on 51 golf courses in this country because they don't allow blacks to play.HELLLLOOOOO?!?!??!

    My own father has been boxed out from MANY opportunites for access. Yes, he is a WAS but his is not a P. This means he never will be invited to certain country clubs, where the power brokers make and break deals while playing 18 holes.

    I noticed no one had anything to say about the Carnegie Foundation. Did I mention it was mostly his own ethnicity he exploited?


  • larc

    Lisa, now that you have elaborated, I find myself in agreement with most of what you said. I agree with your assessment that it is a socio-economic issue rather than a racial one. I have one question. You mentioned the Vietnamese. They seem to be an exception to the rule. The children come out of poverty and excell in school. Why do you think that is?

  • LDH

    Larc, out here in California, Fresno esp, I can tell you exactly why.

    The Asian families are VERY tight knit. The Hmong children have pressure put on them to succeed like you could never imagine, Larc. They are forced to excel or they are beat.

    This year so far, eight Hmong children have committed suicide because they can't handle the pressure.

    My best friend has her Master's in Special Ed and she teaches in public school. She told me Sunday the Hmongs are the only parents who will not miss a meeting with her for any reason.

    I fear they are being forced to live the dreams of their parents. And I understand how that could be, the parents want the children to have chances they never had.

    I'm glad I was able to get my point across Larc. Thank you.

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