Cygnus and Surgery

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  • Cygnus

    LOL. I don't need viagara. I am only 30 after all and no signs of disability in that regard!

  • Naeblis

    get back on yahoo you bastard!~

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    I had to take antibiotics whenever I had dental work done. I had leaky valves!(No gummy rings though)


    Then I quit "Smoking" and the valves quit leaking! Imagine that! No more antibiotics.

    What are they going to do to you? Is it Open heart or a retread job?(Veins) You're probably saying...Come on October!It would be all over and you would be all better!Are you learning about fat grams and all that stuff? A friend had to be re-veined a while back and he won't eat anything with more than 3 grams of fat in it!

    Golden Girl...

    Also..can anyone tell me how to go to yahoo live chat?

    I have a mic!

    Golden Girl

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  • ugg

    sounds like your going through alot....hang in there....thinking of you!!!!!

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