Bethel Lurkers! Get Out Of Judicial Business!

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  • metatron

    Does common sense ever emerge in this stupid organization?
    If you can't put two and two together, let me help you!


    You have already admitted that elders are "untrained volunteers",
    so how much evidence does it take to realize that allowing them
    to JUDGE is a mistake? They are not equipped and they are not capable.

    Should they judge pedophiles? No!
    Should they judge victims? No!
    Should they judge repentance? No!
    Jesus said "Judge not" for a reason and YOU'RE SEEING WHY!

    How much legal work, telephone calls to Bethel/Paterson, Kingdom
    Ministry Schools, threatened lawsuits, lies to the press,
    coverups, and public humiliation do you idiots want to be a part of?

    Get rid of all judicial committees, throw out the "Pay Attention"
    book, and tell the congregations that WHO THEY CHOSE TO ASSOCIATE

    Will it ever occur to you haughty theocrats that your secretive
    kangaroo court system is being swept away into history? That it
    is an anachronism, a crude, unjust mess administered by ignorant
    biased men?

    Is your own conceit so great that it overcomes the burden
    or carrying so many albatrosses around your collective necks?


  • LovesDubs

    Metra....why'd you stop THERE hon?? I was just startin to get into it really good LOL!! I say you finish that line of thinking and SEND it to every elder you know...and then to Brooklyn Heights. :)

  • libra_spirit

    Right on!

    You hit it square on the nose! Stop the judging! Toss the flock book! Drop the legalism! Send the GB to prison for causing such harm with thier mini inqusition!

  • ugg


  • Lieu

    You are promoting an impossible within the WBTS. Getting rid of these things in effect means that they would allow people to use their Bible trained conscienses.

    This presents a problem...they would have to do more actual Bible training. :)

  • twain30

    Re: Metatron

    Because I'm in a paradox. If I resign it will mean emotional hardship for many and would open the door for many to be dealt with ruthlessly.

    If I stay on I can dilute alot of the nonsense.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Yes, their ego is that large that they believe (strike that, KNOW) they know best.

  • jwsons

    "Who are you to judge the house servant of another? To his own master he stands or falls. Indeed, he will be made to stand, for Jehovah can make him stand. ..So then each of us will render an account for himself to God" (Roma 14:4,12) That 's the freedom of Christian, which Ray Franz mentions about.

    =========quote from other website================================

    To the question: Would he ever return . . .?Some people ask is there any possibility that Ray Franz might ever return to Jehovah's Witnesses? To one individual, who raised the question as to any possibility of him returning to the Witness organization if some major reform took place, he responded as follows:

    . . . As for my contemplating any return to the Watch Tower organization, there is not even a remote possibility of their taking the radical action you describe, and even if there were I have no interest in becoming part of a religious system again. The foundational beliefs of the organization are seriously flawed and cosmetic changes will never alter that foundation. The spirit that has been developed by the intense and constant emphasis on organization is a very unhealthy one and one that diverts attention from God's Son and God's Holy Spirit, causing members to focus largely on the human element, to their own spiritual detriment. The arrogating to a human system rights and privileges which properly rest only in God's Son is probably the most serious wrong committed. Secondly, there is the depriving of the individual of a true sense of personal relationship with God and Christ, the usurping of the proper exercise of individual conscience as a consequence of the imposition of innumerable rules and regulations of purely human origin. This produces a situation like that described at Matthew 15:9, one disturbingly like that of the Pharisees of the first century. They could not make the fundamental changes needed without ceasing to be the organization they are. Christianity is, or should be, a brotherhood, not a structured society subject to a centralized administration.

    Ray comments that he could always enjoy meeting with and talking with the people themselves in an atmosphere of freedom, but that he has no interest in ever forming part of some institutionalized religious system again.

    Spanish translation
    Portuguese translation

    =====================================end quote================

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  • minimus

    TWAIN 30, I know what you mean. But it really doesn't work.

  • metatron

    If you're reading this twain, consider silentlambs latest

    Strip away the (justified) rhetoric and what do you have?

    a sick, twisted orgainization that NOW is FINALLY exposed
    for what it is - lying, cruel and sociopathic.

    You can't do it, man - many of us have tried - some for
    years! Nobody has that much endurance - to continue in the
    face of so much hypocrisy and corporate viciousness.

    It's over, the Nazis are in full control

    Heaven help the deluded innocent.
    They won't help themselves.


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