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  • morrisamb

    Haven't been able to post until now!

    When you look into the eyes of the two young women who were on Connie Chung, there is no question they are telling the truth. My Witness mother said before it started, "Not that again." But afterwards, she said she believed the girls, adding, "The congregation will disfellowship that creep!" Mom goes, "The Elders believed you when you told!!" I said, "That's not a point. How could they not? Four victims in one household and the molester admits to it when comfronted."

    Nevertheless, could I ever relate to their experiences! It all rang true. Provide help? What help? Poo pooing the experience. No comprehension of the crime, the trauma, the need for compassion to the victim sitting before them.

    During the airing, my mother made comments two other times: "Why is he talking about this? He wasn't abused?" referring to Bill; and then, near the end, "I trust in Jehovah."

    I believe that my mother's reaction is similar to many Witnesses if they watched the interview. They probably won't deny those girls were abused but will rationalize that isolated incidents are being used to make Jehovah's congregation look bad.

    I hope more victims will come forward to share their stories. There is power in disclosure.

  • Klaus Vollmer
    Klaus Vollmer

    the early christians were bad too. read the record in acts and the epistles of St Paul.

    WTS wants to make believe that nowadays the truth makes good nearly perfect christians. but we see - only perfect in covering up bad realities.

    WTS betrays itsself and millions of believers who think the truth is the truht. Yet it cant be as they disfellowshipp those who speak the truth.

    To hide the deads under the rug is somehow worldly. Even Satan has practice in hiding facts. so he generates those apostates that call others who spaek the truth with this expression. Shaping the past is WTS favorite job. I guess they have forgotten that more counts the future. and that decovers the past what is clearly mentioned in the bible.

    Covering body, give up

  • minimus

    Ask your mother if she would make those exact same comments if it was HER granddaughters they were talking about.

  • morrisamb

    Minimus, I don't need to ask her. Her daughter was abused. At least my mother believes victims and will not shun her disf/diss children no matter what her Elders tell her!

    Unfortunately the onus is always on the victim to prove she/he was abused. Shows like Dateline, and now Connie Chung do make a difference. Victims will no longer be silenced.

  • abbagail

    Thaks morris for posting/sharing this bit of Insight into the Mind of Current JWs. I like hearing these first-hand accounts, like with your Mom. Even though their comments tick me off, I also KNOW w/o a doubt I probably would have said/felt/thought the same kinds of things (the "rationalization" that you speak about = it's just a FEW cases being USED by Evil-Hearted Apostates because they have a GRUDGE against the society, blah blah blah). I suppose that's what really ticks me off - knowing I would have "bought the baloney," too... I'll never forget the "fear and trepidation" when I would hear about "apostates." I swear my heart would pound rapidly at the subject.

    However, being that I am "out" now, I am FREE to fight for the lambs since there is no "fog" around the issue AT ALL from where I sit.

    Btw, parents usually do NOT like to hear about abuse. It makes them feel guilty, even if they won't admit it (speaking from experience).

    Your Mom asked, "Why is he talking about this? He wasn't abused?" referring to Bill... -- Thankfully for 5,000 JWs and former JWs, Bill DID SPEAK out, since he was ONE GUTSY Elder (out of how many elders in the world?) who finally said, "Enough Is Enough." That's why Mom!

    And you hit the nail on the head, morris, when you wrote they have "No comprehension of the crime, the trauma, the need for compassion to the victim sitting before them." SOOOO TRUE!!!! Granted, the world in general had no comprehension either, 25 years ago, but things HAVE CHANGED! The knowledge IS and HAS BEEN out there for anybody who gives a hoot and cares to educate themselves. And saying things to Amber, like, "Maybe you did something to provoke the abuse..." I WANT TO STRANGLE ANY elder who even THINKS that way!!! Arrrgggh! Those girls are SO BRAVE! I admire them to pieces!

    AGREE with your comment: There is power in disclosure.


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