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  • Pepper

    The August 14, airing of Connie Chungs program with bill Bowes's issues with in the Watch Tower, deserves a thank you note from all who really are concerned and desire more on the part of the news media. E-mail her program on CNN with a brief recognition of CNN and her fantastic report. Pepper

  • witchywoman

    Thanks Pepper, consider it done yesterday, I`m sure others have too. There is another thread with a link, just makes it easier so much easier for someone like me.


  • deddaisy
  • Cappuccino OC
    Cappuccino OC



    Thanks for the link. I think we should all e-mail her and thank her for the job she did.....Diamond

  • Tinkerbell4125

    Thanks for the info! I sent my comment's in with great appreciation.

    Tink =;o)

  • DazedAndConfused

    Maybe we could also "suggest" that Connie's husband Maury Povich (sp) tries to do a show on this. Because of the lack of cable for some...we missed Connie's piece. But Maury is on regular television and probably has a larger audience. Just a thought.

  • StinkyPantz

    It's done!

  • abbagail

    Hey, I'm a little slow.... I don't have cable TV, so just this afternoon got to watch the video that Trauma_Hound set up online. It was GREAT!!! And I just now zapped Connie a Thank You, and did ask her to put in a good word to her hubbie, Maury, to do a show about it. (All media coverage is a good thing, but I hope Oprah picks up on it FIRST!) Anyway, here's what I zapped to Connie:

    Dear Connie: A belated THANK YOU for the piece you did on Heidi Meyer, Amber Long and Bill Bowen last Wed. 8-14-02, re: the sex abuse COVER-UPS and disfellowshipping of Silent Lambs like Heidi and Amber, and their advocates, Bowen, et al. Your coverage was kind and compassionate, and the ladies expressed themselves so well. I loved how Heidi kept replying, "ABSOLUTELY!" Amber looks like an angel who, one would think, would melt the hearts of the Governing Body members of Jehovah's Witnesses and prompt them to humbly ask forgiveness for the errors of their policies, their elders, etc. But, NO! No Humility Whatsoever coming forth from the Highest Ranks of the JW Organization in New York. Bill Bowen also spoke firmly, with unequivocal conviction. I trust everything they say having been a JW myself for 11 years, and a child sex abuse victim/survivor. The NUMBER ONE RULE as a JW is "NEVER EVER bring REPROACH on Jehovah's Name;" i.e., the Watchtower Society would have NEVER brought this out in the open, not in a million years. And that is how sex abuse proliferates -- due to such silencing and oppression/suppression. It NEEDED TO COME OUT, and thank you for having a share in this GOOD WORK. If anyone thinks Jehovah God cannot handle the truth, they surely do not know God very well! Thanks again, Connie, and if your hubbie, Maury, has an empty slot for one of his shows, would you put in a good word for the Silent Lambs so maybe Maury will do an entire show on the subject? The S.Lambs need all the exposure they can get in order to encourage victims to get help, and for the WTS to change its policies. Thank you.


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