What would you do?

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  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    If a long time poster on a board started to tell you their hard luck story..Threatened suicide over their misfortune..and then started to appeal for money?

    Just wondering how others would handle it?

    Can we really trust what others say?

    Even if another poster vouches for them?

    Please give me your opinion..

    Golden Girl....

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  • SPAZnik

    I would send them a dime (actually 35 cents up in here in the Great White)
    and the phone number to a suicide hotline.

    Along with the suggestion that said poster could always pawn off their computer if they are that strapped for cash.

  • Sirona

    Dont give money to someone you don't know on the net. That is my opinion.

    There are a lot of people with money problems who I know personally so I'd rather help them, knowing that its a genuine need. This person could very easily be operating scams across many forums and earning a pretty living!


  • SPAZnik

    Yeah, Sirona is right.

    Don't send them a dime.

    Send them a 1-800-suicidehotline#.

  • butalbee

    That person is sick and needs help in more ways than monetary assistance.

    I don't believe much of what I see/read on the internet, it's not real life, it's cyber fantasy in my opinion.

    Can't a person be tracked down by there ISP address?

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    This person has been told of theSuicide hotline. They have also talked with the owner of the board that they post on.They post in the library. They have no worldly goods or Drivers license. There would be no way to send this person a money order..they would need ID.to cash it. And I surely wouldn't send cash. I am also not that gullible to believe everyone. It has just come up on another board and I really needed some feedback.

    You feel sorry for them and want to help and at the same time don't want to be made a fool of!

    Golden Girl....

  • SPAZnik

    You could call the Suicide Hotline yourself and ask them what they suggest.

    If you are so moved, you could try and find out where the person claims to be, what city and what library, and call the police in that city to go check it out.

    Suggest they go see Social Services. Or a local drop-in centre.

    In this day and age, if this person is resourceful enough to be at a library using the computer, then they are clearly capable of looking in the phone book and getting some assistance from the multitudes of free services available in their community.

    It seems strange to me that this person is simultaneously suicidal and hopeful that someone will send them money.

    I smell a scam.

    But, again, if you wanna err on the side of caution, you could call a Suicide Hotline yourself and ask them.

  • Xandria

    1-800-784-2433 (800-SUICIDE)

    National Mental Health Association: 1-800-969-NMHA(6642) 330 affilliates nationwide providing treatment referrals & services

    Prevent Child Abuse: 1-800-244-5373

    Children of the Night: 1-800-551-1300A 24 hour a day runaway crisis hotline

    Runaway Hotline (National) 1-800-621-4000

    Trevor Helpline - GLBT youth: 1-800-850-8078

    Compassionate Friends-parent grief: 1-630-990-0010

    Friends of Battered women and their Children: 1-800-603-4357

    Al-Anon Meeting information: 1-888-425-2666
    Alcohol and Drug Helpline: 1-800-821-4357

    Provides referrals to local facilities

    Domestic Violence Hotline (National): 1-800-799-7233
    National Domestic Violence

    Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network: 1-800-656-4673

    Renfrew Center for Eating Disorders: 1-800-736-3739

    Cuting Yourself?: 1-800-366-8288

    I also posted on this for mental health reasons on another thread. So that they can find help. An I am not saying that this person is not reaching out. But this sound fishy and strange to me.

    Yes, he needs help. But should not gulit trip someone to get money. If there is a issue with financial needs there are many organizations and groups to help. The issue should be honesty.

    If someone said, look this Financial Situation has gotten so out of control that it has me feeling sucidial, I can respect that and find him help. But to guilt trip someone is wrong.



  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    Thank you all so much! I also really appreciate the time it took you to post those phone numbers!

    Golden Girl...

  • mevirginia

    A guy I use to know threatened suicide several times. The last time he did it I called the local police in his town and told them to please go to this address and check on this guy he is suicidle and I am very worried.

    They went to his house and called his room mate outside while they went into the house to talk to him and see if he was alright. They were watching TV.


    His room mate didn't know, up to that point, what he had been doing.

    He called me back and was Soooo psst. The entire neighborhood came out to see what all the fuss was about. It WAS a very quiet neighborhood.

    I look at it this way.

    If he was suicidle then they would get him proper help.

    If he was jerking me around maybe he learned a leason.

    Either way no harm done.

    Well so much for that.

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