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  • Sentinel

    The WTBTS is based upon so many inconsistencies, half-truths, and downright misrepresentation of information. But, normally they don't have to worry. They have a good mind control system going on, and members are taught from day one, that to question anything regarding the organization is tentamount to questioning God. To question God is apostacy. But remember, the organization is right up there "with God". So, they get you, and then they've "gotcha" in a mind controling prison that affects every aspect of your being.

    Once a person does begin to question things and find answers for themselves, they do realize the awful fact that JW's are wrong. Then they have to decide how to proceed, as they just simply can't "change their mind" and leave. The WTBTS exacts a price for such individual free thinking. Most of us here have paid that price and are continuing to pay it, especially when it causes a breech between family members and close friends.

    Thank you very much for your thread!

    Love and Light,


  • detective

    The beauty of "undiscovered material" is that, if found, it could:

    *prove that Elvis is still alive
    *prove the moon is made of cheese
    *prove the earth is actually flat

    *Prove that Jehovah and Santa hit the links every Thursday (oops, there could never be any undiscovered material that would support that, right? )

  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    You're way out of date on the earthquake thing. They gave up on that some time ago.

  • Had Enough
    Had Enough

    Pork Chop:

    You're way out of date on the earthquake thing. They gave up on that some time ago.

    Yes I've read recent JW articles that now say that the Bible prophecies do not say that there would be an increase in earthquakes, but that their effect would be felt moreso...or words to that effect. (which btw..did the WTS recently come right out and say...we now have new light...its not that increasing earthquakes would indicate we are in the last days, but now new light shows us that it would be the effect of......blah, blah.??) So yes the info is outdated.....

    However, it is still good to have the incriminating evidence of the WTS's manipulations of quotations that were, and still are, purposely used to deceive the reader into thinking that even some "worldly" authority agrees with the WTS's knowledge which of course only they (the GB) are privy to having been blessed by god to be the one and only chosen source to understand Bible prophecies.


    If you cannot post scans of the letters you received from the real authors of these quotations, I'd be happy to receive copies of them in my email. Thank you for your offer.

    Had Enough

  • ServetMiguel

    Yes, I knew that the doctrine about earthquakes had changed but the old doctrine is still in the watchtower magazine so we can see how they were lying for decades. I do not think that the information I have posted it is not useful.

    On Saturday, I will send scanned copies to everybody who wrote in the forum that would like to receive the copies.

    Take care guys

    Miguel Servet

  • VM44

    Miguel, I would like a copy of the scanned documents as well. Here is my email address: [email protected] --VM44

  • Etude


    I would also like a copy of the letters responding to your research. Can you please send them to [email protected]. Thank you.


  • Nowhere

    I would too appriciate a scanned copy of the letters.


  • Matty

    Many thanks again ServetMiguel.

    I am too particularly interested in the "earthquakes happening in one place after another" dogma. I think you will find that the majority of witnesses have not picked up on this new "light". I heard the same old view reiterated in a public talk two months ago.

    The ones that are not too convinced that we have had an epidemic of quakes on this planet since 1914 usually say stuff like, "this will probably have a major fulfilment later, perhaps during the great tribulation" to explain it away. It worries some greatly when there hasn't been a big quake for a while! When there is a report of a major tremor where much life has been lost, you can positively feel the relief and feeling of vindication amongst some!

  • Pathofthorns

    These scans were very interesting. If anyone would like to assist ServetMiguel in putting these up on the internet (perhaps on a website of yours), he might appreciate some assistance.


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