Another Kingdom Hall Burns

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  • Kenneson

    Recently there was a KH fire in Washington state; now today another is reported, that one in Brunswick, Maine causing an estimated $200,000 damages. The story is entitled: "Fire damages church; cause investigated."

  • Xander
    cause investigated

    Cause? As if everyone doesn't already know? It's all Satan! This is persecution! Sign of the end!!

    (Terribly sorry about that - just having a flash of premonition to the chatter after this is announced at next Thursday's meetings...)

  • Crazy151drinker

    Sorry about the fire, i was smoke a J in the back and I guess when I threw it in the bushes it wasnt totally sorry

  • LuckyLucy
    "We've been thinking about selling this building for a while now. Maybe this will help speed up the process," said Ron Kelly, a member of the congregation for seven years.

    Me thinks the elders needed the insurance money to build bigger better KH,wonder how much it is insured for and how many members will be whipping out their check books like the loyal little jw that they are.

  • stichione

    This will be a golden opportunity for the leadership to quote scriptures and encourage the flock to dig deeeeep into their pockets so as to advance kingdom interests with donations.

  • kikisdragon

    The kingdom hall that burned down in Tumwater, WA is where my exhusband was attending. When he told me about it, frankly, it was all I could do not to cheer and shout. I generally am not a supporter of arson, or fires in general bc of the possible danger to people. But in this case, I really didn't give a sh**. And the article in the Olympia (tumwater is part of olympia) paper about the fire, had a few rediculous comments from a tearful sister, at the scene, to the reporter. She said "This was totally unnecesary! All we ever do is keep to ourselves." Can you believe that? First of all, that statement is true and false. False in the sense that knocking on people's doors and preaching to them about something they are not interested in and coming back even after being asked not to is not "keeping to themselves". In another sense, they do keep to themselves, bc of their view on not making friends with any "worldly" people, and not voting, celebrating holidays, donating to charities, shunning those that leave their religion, etc. That is part of the reason that they are not very well liked in the community in the first place!

    Anyways - just wanted to share that. Oh, and now my exhusband's congregation meets in our town, Shelton now. Which is kind of a bummer, because now it may be easier for him to manage to take my son (10) to a meeting with him, which I am trying to prevent at all costs. He hasn't forced it as of yet, but if he does try to, I will just remind him of the days listed in our parenting plan as the days he is supposed to have our son which is on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and everyother Saturday. I do not see any provision in there for taking our sonto any of his meetings at this time, which are Sunday afternoons, Wednesday nights, and I'm not sure when his bookstudy is. (he doesn't go to all of the meetings bc he is still DFd and apparently not ready to ask to be reinstated yet - as if I care) I am very flexible about visitation - our son sees his dad practically every day, or at least talks to him on the phone if he doesn't see him. But if we already have plans, or if there is even a remote chance that he might end up going to a JW cult meeting with his dad, then I make it very clear that he will have to have him come over some other time.

  • Swan

    There was a case in the Tigard/Beaverton, Oregon area about a year or so ago where a KH burned down. It was arson, which makes me very angry. I think religious intolerance manifested in any kind of violence is wrong. Hopefully in this case they will find that it was an electrical short due to the age of the building, but it probably was arson too. That's rather sad.

  • Xander
    I think religious intolerance manifested in any kind of violence is wrong

    That's an interesting statement.

    You're overriding assumption, of course, is that this couldn't possibly be an insurance scam of some kind. I mean, we all know how trustworthy every member of the JWs are, right?

  • Swan

    I wasn't ruling it out nor would I put it past them. If it was arson, I hope they did it for the insurance and that it wasn't a hate crime. I would rather they get grief from the stories in the news lately (the Longo, Bryant, and Silent Lambs stories in particular), and not sympathy because they were being "persecuted."

  • scumrat

    Face the facts, it was crazy151drinkers joint !!!!

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