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  • stevieb1

    Picture the scene:

    You are a young single brother with no other JW family members. You manage to tot up 90hrs a month in "field service";spend five hours per week preparing your Watchtower for the Study, however you are not an extremely extrovert person and don't try to "impress" the Elders and the CO. It seems though that this "spiritual" person never seems to be appointed as a MS or an excesively long time passes by before he does become such. You observe others in the various congregation cliques that don't do half of the "field service" and meeting preparation that you do and yet these are recommended for privileges extremely quickly! Usually you observe them to be very friendly with the elders or are related to one in someway.

    The aforementioned happened to me when I was an active JW. Can anyone else relate to this experience?

  • outnfree
    Were you "overlooked" for Cong. Priv.?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! YES!!!!!!! I'm a woman, silly!!!

    Can anyone else relate to this experience?

    Well, some of the GUYS might!

    Seriously, nepotism and favoritism and cliquishness abounds in Watchtowerland. I'm sure many here will relate.


  • writerpen

    I can relate to having witnessed this during my JW tenure. As a sister, I kissed ass to get little "demonstration" parts on the meetings and even had one on an assembly. But there were harder workers than me that never got any recognition or praise. It's in who you know and how much ass you kiss.

  • NeonMadman

    In most of the congregations I went to, it was almost a given that a young guy who became a regular pioneer and kept his nose clean would soon be appointed a MS as well. To be an elder took major sucking up, though. Probably why I never got to be one.

    I was a MS twice in two different congregations. The first time I was appointed, I was pretty close to the PO (who was a Society troubleshooter) and some of the elders. Not that I was sucking up, we were just all pioneers and spent a lot of time together in field service.

    The second time, I wasn't especially close to any of the elders, though friendly with all of them. But I was older (26) and recently married, so I guess they had finally stopped thinking of me as a "youth". I also had faithfully emptied the diaper pail from the baby room after every meeting for the past year or so. After I moved away from the congregation, I was told that this was held up from the platform as an example of a brother with the right attitude toward serving (without mentioning my name, of course).

  • Larry

    Wow, what a question. I think every brother has felt he was overlooked for some 'privileged' of kingdumb service. In fact that was one of the top ten conversation topics among brothers. I was overlooked once. When I was a 'bloom of youth' teenager I was dating a sister and were invloved in heavy petting. All was fine, until I decided to break up. Afterwards, as her last resort to get back with me she said "I'm going to tell the Elders we were petting, my conscious bothers me." Since I was in fear of the older men at that time, I was really scared, in fact that was the first time I broke out in hives!!!! A meeting was called and I went in confessing from the start - I threw myself at the mercy of the 'kangaroo' court. I only got a reprimand - a slap on the wrist. At least I thought it was. A year later, as I was reaching out, I was selected to be in a part at the assembly hall. After a couple of rehearsals, the brothers start acting funny, and they did not tell me about the next rehearsals, so I asked when was the next rehearsal, and they said "well, b/c you had a problem with that sister from the other hall you are not exemplary and we can't use you." I was crushed, but it made me more determine to reach out for other privleges.

    I'll stop there - I look forward to other peoples experiences.

    Peace - LL

  • Dismembered


    My situation was much the same as you. Extrovert yes. But a brown-nose, ass-kissing MS, I was not. I always called "a spade a spade, and as a consequence was never called to the "higher privilege of "elder". Just as you. I was not in their eyes what you would call a team player. An elder told me once, You know what your problem is? You talk to much".

    I hated the door-to-door perpetual membership drive a.k.a. field service, but busted my ass in other ways. i.e. Quickbuilds, KH maintenance, $ to C.O's & D.O's. etc. Finally I said to myself screw this. And here I sit an post. he he he. Having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have.

  • Sirona

    A married male publisher in our cong was found snogging a sister (not his wife) on numerous occasions. He asked her to run away with him and she refused. He then decided to come clean (because she wouldn't run away with him). The sister had her priviledges removed, he was made a Ministerial Servant!!!!!

    The same guy is now up for elder. LOL

    Another guy I know does all the hours, all the meetings, all the talks.....and is he MS? nooooo way.


  • zev

    its all about....

    "who" you know.

    simple as that.

  • twain30

    Within the organization the entire way a male is viewed is based upon what tiltle he has, there is an intricate system of, "Class Distinctions. How contrary to what Paul said about if anyone wants to be an overseer he is desirous of a fine work. He never said you had to have a position in the cong. to have respect. I believe that the present system wreaks of cliques and corrupt politics.

  • nancee park
    nancee park

    They must above all believe you are "faithful and discreet" which means able to keep your mouth shut on their own hanky-panky since you may in time get access to some of their own service and judicial committee records. If you at some point talked too much or went against the Watchtower Society teachings, you may never be appointed. But if you committed a little sex sin or got drunk a time or two then they will still appoint you after a while. After all, then they've got dirt on you and if you yack about their grabbing ahold of a sister's rump or two, well, then they can blast you back. Brotherly love in the spiritual paradise, full of mercy and forgiveness, not .

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