Does this make me a terrible person

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  • Clambake

    My wife has a friend at her KH. She is 37 and her friend is 88. I know it sounds kind of strange but they are both the wives of UBM so they kind of stick together. My wife is very sincere in this friendship and this lady is a nice person. My wife visits her about three times a week. She is kind of limited in what she can do now.

    Her husband just passed away and she never had any children and she has no blood relatives left either. The only relatives are a niece and nephew on her late husband’s side and of course their children. I guess they are kind of close and that is only family she really has. Of course not a single JW attended his funeral ( assholes) . The fact he didn’t like the JWs may have also been a reason but most likely just to be the typical cunts they are.

    I imagine there is an estate worth maybe 500,000 to 750,000. I would assume the majority would go to her niece and nephew but am I out of line to maybe ask her to maybe think of my wife in her estate. I have asked my wife about this and she tells me I am totally out of line to even suggest such a thing.

    My biggest fear this one of those morally bankrupt elders from the KH would have given her cousel already about giving to the babble and crap society or even worse, give it to themselves. We literally have elders in their 60 that are still living paycheck to paycheck and living in apartments. I don’t trust those fuckers, not that it is really any of my business. It just pisses me off they couldn’t be bother to go to the funeral and would be sitting their looking for a handout.

    Of am I just a terrible person for even thinking about this ?

  • DJS
  • Quarterback
    I concur with DJS
  • LostGeneration

    not that it is really any of my business

    Well, ya got that part of it right...

  • steve2

    You are not a terrible person for having those thoughts - but you would be a terrible person if you or your wife in any way acted on those thoughts.

    In my country what you describe would meet criiteria for "Elder Abuse" (as in Older People or "Senior Citizens").

    Elder Abuse specifically refers to people who befriend the elderly and, over time, begin to contemplate the "fairness" of the elderly person's estate going to others when all you do for the elderly person has not been recognized. It involves a form of grooming and invasion of privacy every bit as distasteful as when adults groom children or minors for exploitative purposes.

  • sir82

    not that it is really any of my business

    Copy this into Word, blow it up to 256-point font, print off about 50 copies, and plaster them all over your house.

  • Giordano

    If her husband really hated the JW's he might have prepared a Will that provides her with a pension but keeps the principle separate and in some kind of trust after she passes.

    Usually a person this old will be needing a good assisted living facillity at some point.

  • Clambake


    I am a terrible person.

    Has anyone here lost their entire heritance to the WTS.

    Maybe I just have poor experiences I don’t trust the elders.

    It just makes me a little grumpy to see my wife serve the role of best friend and nurses aid to just see some C.O get a new car or some lazy useless pioneer elder talk about funding his ministry.

    Believe it or not, it’s not really about the money. I have been in this cong. 5 years and the majority of people won’t piss on her if she on fire because of the UBM thing.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Your wife (in spite of her J.Wship) is a really nice person who cares about this lady - when others don't.

    Don't hurt her.

  • cognitivedizzy

    Don't act on those thoughts mate!!! Your not a terrible person.. let the one who has not thought a single bad thought post the first "your a terrible person post"

    John 8:7 - So when they continued asking Him, He lifted Himself up and said unto them, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

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