Locating Their Achilles Heel

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  • MikeMusto

    There is no achilles Heel....you have to realize that until the doctrince of the FDS and

    Gods only channel stays...they can do and say whatever they want..You must

    start at the beginning to make a change....The beginning being the teaching of the FDS

  • Mindchild

    There are certainly plenty of skeletons in the WTS closet and exposing these has some positive effect but I personally feel both the here and now and the future problems resulting from WTS policies and thinking is where to focus on.

    For example, Minimus already mentioned the Borg's money. From the great research and efforts of others on this board, we all learned that the WTS has enormous amounts of assets. I would guess that if you totaled the assets of all their worldwide corporations, you would be looking at somewhere around one or two BILLION dollars. Now having money in itself isnt so bad. There are lots of billionaires in the world, and while many envy them, they are not outright hated by everyone. YET, this situation is much different with the WTS. First, they are the worlds biggest hypocrites in this regard as they claim to be Christ like yet here they are with gross amounts of money they are just sitting on. They can buy nice cars for those up in the pecking order, provide nice places to live for the top ranking chickens, yet this is a far cry from their Biblical example of someone who didnt even have a home of his own. Hmm, doesnt it make you wonder? On top of this, they could be using this money in a way that produced good results, but they are not.

    Even their sworn enemies, the other worldly religions, have programs that educate the unfortunate, feed the homeless, help in disasters, and so forth. JWs are so damn stingy with their money that they would gladly let people drop like flies without giving them a dime for a cup of soup. Does this sound like the fabled Jesus who feed the poor and sick who were not Jesusites?

    I say if a way comes along to expropriate every cent the WTS has, suck them dry! They are nothing but parasites. This printing company, being tax exempt in most of the world, except France, is not paying its fair share of taxes. It is a big business scam that is paying off big time for the WTS. How many secret bank accounts does the WTS have? Do you think any of the GB have secret accounts? It wouldn't surprise me if they did.

    The other thing I can contribute here besides the commentary on money is the potential for disaster coming from the WTS. Believe it or not, the preaching of the WTS dogma in all the earth can potentially lead to a worldwide health epidemic. I intend to make a post on that in the future to show a clear scenario of how millions can potentially die from WTS policies.


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  • julien

    I agree with MikeMusto - The power of the 'God's channel' concept cannot be underestimated. I haven't seen any changes in the attitude of my family who are still in. NONE, nada. Despite easy availability of info on the internet, Dateline and Panorama, etc, the truly sincere, faithful witnesses will simply not be affected. They will not question the FDS. The FDS=God to them. They can effectively ignore negative information indefinitely.

  • twain30

    They are their own achilles heel. Whenever they feel threatened or even questioned on a stand they've taken, they become more and more radical and appear more and more ridiculous to increasing numbers of publishers. Take for example the Disfellowshipping policy, its been questioned alot on this forum and in the private conversations of many elders. So what do they do? They make the policies even more extreme. The problem is that the Society is at present a corrupt arrogant political heirarchy guilty of things like: *Going beyond the things written *Extorting money *Violating political neutrality as in the case of the U.N. scandal *Slandering and defaming innocent people *Bloodguilt *Lying (just to mention a few.)

    Therefore who are they to make rules about Disfellowshipping more strict? Who are they to Disfellowship anyone? Now I've been a witness for many years and if all of this is obvious to me it's certainly becoming apparent to others.

  • happy man
    happy man

    Well, perhaps thats why i dont put one penny fore over 5 years.

    I was not so happy when they deside that we must take a loan from them when we built our kingdomhall, and pay them some rent, and when we have piad it of, we give it to them, unbelevebel.

    When i tell some this, they look at me as I was an ailien.

  • RedhorseWoman

    On Beliefnet, I asked a question about how the active JWs there would feel if (or when) the blood doctrine was phased out. I also asked questions about why the Society has removed the doctrine from the new Knowledge book (what is the new title, anyway?), why no new "blood cards", why the pre-approval of Hemopure?

    The only answer I got back from one vocal JW was that he agreed with the GB and would stand behind them.

    No thought whatsoever to the thousands who have died because of lack of blood transfusions, no thought to the myriad arguments defending the blood ban as a command from God, no thought at all.....just passive, bovine acceptance.

    I know that the pocketbook issue is a weak point. If enough people sue the WTS over the damage they have done through their policies, there will definitely be repercussions in Brooklyn.

    What may be the more likely scenario, however, is that the WTS will metamorphose into a plain vanilla Protestant sect and meld with the rest of Christendom.


    The 1914 doctrine, i.e., Christ's enthronement in kingdom power and the appointment of the fds thereabouts.

    WTS leaders recognize that the imminent centennial of this doctrine forming the very foundation of their claim to authority over all "kingdom interests" on earth requires some address in the not-distant future if they are to avoid further calamitous erosion in credibility among the ranks.

    Realizing they cannot abandon it wholesale, they know they must figure a way to manipulate scripture to fashion an argument the flock might swallow as to why it is not unreasonable to suppose Christ has been kicking it in heaven for the past hun, his feet propped up on his "foot stool," watching "the sign of the last days" ravage the earth and its inhabitants while he gives not a single order to his angelic army to strike.

    This, imo, is no small feat, given their most delusionalimaginativecreative gifted "scholars" are dirt napping have gone the way of their upward calling.

    The demise of the no-blood doctrine, imo, will constitute a major blow for many, many JWs, regardless of the Society's attempt to re-frame it as always having been a conscience issue. There are just too many JWs who know and experienced firsthand in some past medical crisis that the decision regarding blood was not left to anyone's conscience. Much like the many JW men who, despite the Society's present claim, know all too well they had no choice but to do time in the joint rather than alternative military service if they did not want to be disfellowshiped. No amount of WT study articles causes them to buy any "adjustment" and the same will be the case for many JWs who learn that they allowed a loved one to die, not because of their own consciences, but because of an organizational policy being held to their throats---that is now being "adjusted."

    (And people, please, please, stop automatically accepting that what JWs say---and post--- to be heard and read by other JWs is what's really in [all of] their hearts. Recall your own past struggle trying to reconcile what you were supposed to believe and accept with how you really felt and how you continued regurgitating according to script the whole time. Especially do I believe this likely to be the case for those who respond to tough questions with "...because the GB tells us so and I stand behind them..." and other such robotic replies.)

    I expect the "repeal" of the no-blood doctrine will cost the Society substantial money, but that the 2014 centennial will cost them hearts in a way that will surpass the damage done by the change in the "generation" teaching.


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  • Englishman
    There is no achilles Heel....you have to realize that until the doctrince of the FDS and

    Gods only channel stays...they can do and say whatever they want..You must

    start at the beginning to make a change....The beginning being the teaching of the FDS

    He's right, all the time that they have this belief they can swop and change policy all they want.


  • og

    Disfellowshipping of adults who were baptized as minors. Sure seems like a vulnerability to me.

  • twain30

    Re: To Amnesian

    Of course they already tried to re-visit the 1914 issue with that silly explanation altering the entire meaning of the term, "Generation" Utter Psycho-Babble!

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