Dawn Bible Students Association and Ken Fernets

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  • JWdaughter
    Maybe he is trying to recruit them to Amway or Herbalife.
  • skepticSam
    Work's for me, I like women between 39-58 to flirt with, younger girls don't have all the skills of the older gals. Maybe he's developing some online Tinder or Craigslist Casual Encounters for Bible minded Men and Women?
  • Hold Me-Thrill Me
    Hold Me-Thrill Me

    It would be good if when we leave the JW religion we would grow up. Sadly, that is not the case with all of us.

    No wonder so many JWs are so easily led.

  • oppostate
    There are brothers in the Watchtower and among the Bible Students who would hope to keep the best of both- Soldering them together.

    Okay, Frank.

    I count myself in the group who would like a reformation of the WT/Bible Students movement in the manner of what happened with Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God. Those folks threw out all the crazy speculations and aberrations of Christian doctrine and are still around.

    If the WT is to remain "around," I'd like to see a big change towards a more Christian doctrine and practice.

    So let's start a discussion of what you've discussed with Bethelites, other JW pub's and Bible Students. I'll share some of my experiences. I'd rather have the discussion in this thread, with input from those who are interested in this part of the OP and not so much on the personal behavior of the hierarchy of both religions.

    Or, if you'd like we can continue this discussion through a PM (just click on your username on top for PMs).

  • Quarterback
    I'm easily led by any organization that allows me to drink coffee with female companions. The Mormons cast me out just for that reason.
  • steve2

    If at first you cannot persuade people by the strength or otherwise of your argument, resort to shaming comments to give people a good telling off.

    Life is so terribly, terribly serious and anyone who does not agree is in need of growing up.

    Alternatively, some would say that a sign of having grown up is to put away the well-practised petty judgements about others' proclivites that characterized local congregations.

    I presume the women this man has coffee with are adult enough to make up their own minds about the man's intentions and behaviours. I thought I had left such petty-minded comments on others' intentions behind when I left the organization but I can live with evidence it rears its head in this thread. File under humor.

  • oppostate
    If Splane or Jackson were in the habit of answering the phone and flirting with women who called the Watchtower that would not be considered a small thing here.

    No, of course there would be recordings on YouTube and lots of shaming and name calling. They wouldn't dare answer phones--although Cedars was able to get TOMO on the phone and punked him.

    Why should it be with the Bible Students?

    One would think that if they're genuine about helping people get closer to God and find Christ then they'd act in a Christian manner. But history tells a different

    Fernets answers the phones at Dawn.

    The Dawn doesn't have the resources the WT does. They're not even close in size nor outreach.

    One thing that has always puzzled me is why they continued to sell old books from Russell and Rutherford's books full of doctrinal error when in "Oh, the Blessedness" they drew away from those teachings.

    It would be like if the WT still printed and placed old books with outdated "old light" along with the new WT--Oh, wait a minute they did do that! Okay, never mind on that one.

  • oppostate

    Okay, Frank/HMTM, It's been two weeks since I offered to start discussing with you what changes you'd like to see in the WT.

    So what do you feel could be done to start reforms and get the WT closer to Biblical and mainstream Christian doctrine?

    I'm very interested in hearing your ideas about this.

  • Hold Me-Thrill Me
    Hold Me-Thrill Me

    So what do you feel could be done to start reforms and get the WT closer to Biblical and mainstream Christian doctrine?

    Reform must be initiated from the inside.

    The Watchtower publishing house is a closed fortress which will resist all outside efforts to force the necessary changes it must make. In fact, it is likely that forums such as this one have at times thwarted the efforts of some on the inside to advance reasonable changes. The reason being that those in command will not easily bow their backs to outside opposers even if sound scriptural arguments are put forth by them. These men, stubborn, and at times mean spirited, will protect their territory and history even if it brings down millions more in the Organization.

    Reform must come from the few near the top who, being fully aware that something is very wrong, have prayed to God for his help. Those who will trust in Jehovah and together do what is necessary to finally bring Christ into Bethel. Until Christ's teachings reign at Bethel the Watchtower publishing house is no different than any other Christian church including the Roman Catholic church. They are all groping in the dark because they do not truly follow Christ but rather men.

    On forums such as this, heat is applied and re-applied in order to heighten the stress upon the Governing Body. To make them as vulnerable and weak as it is possible to do in order that they are continually and increasingly kept off balance. In order that should some on the inside decide to attempt to push the idol off its pedestal it would be ready to fall.

    So truly, we all ride tandem toward a shared goal. Those few on the inside cannot do what is being done on the outside and those on the outside cannot do what is possible to do on the inside.

    The Governing Body system will fall!


  • TakeOffTheCrown
    I believe that there is a War being fought in Jehovah's House; his House needs to be cleaned. Jehovah will clean his House. Try not to be swept along with it.

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