Apostate gatherings..go,or you are missing out

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  • LyinEyes

    I really enjoyed the Dallas, Texas Apostofest we went to this last weekend. It is indescrible the feeling you get when you come face to face with others just like yourself. It was very strange to find we all had such a common bond, that was spoken even with out words. Of course from chatting and reading post we get to know each other, but to look into someone 's eyes and really see them is amazing.

    It was simply wonderful to see all the smiling faces, the laughter, and even some of the tears of how far some have come . Behind those tears were determination to never fall victim again, for like as had been said before, being a JW you were somewhere along the line a victim. Some precious souls were so abused as children it tore your heart out, and to be there to give them a real hug was priceless. To see , real brotherhood in action is truly a gift. For a minute , I was standing alone for a moment observing the whole room , and it seems like a dream,,,,,,,, one of my many vivid dreams, I felt like I must have died and went to heaven. My family was right there with me , hubby and kids, and my extended family too. Laughing and be so damn happy it should have been a sin.

    I just encourage all to go to these gatherings, make time for them, even plan them. Doesnt matter if there are 2 or 3 , or 30,,, it will do wonders for you and for them. I know I hope to work on plans to make the next ones as soon as possible and to work on one here in shreveport, la, in december.

    United we stand..................... sending love and hugs to all ,,,dede

  • Joyzabel

    Dede, you are so right on how being at an apostafest changes you. I have loved meeting everyone that I have met this summer. All of them healing and moving on with their lives is great to see in person.

    You are so good at bringing out the best in people and then sharing with us what good you have observed. Keep it up, lady, youre doing a terrific job.



    ps, I better be on your apsotafest list, cant wait to meet you and WT.

  • The_Bad_Seed

    It's getting old, but I must:

    Make plans to attend Mega Aposto in Victoria BC Canada October 2003...more details when I get them.

  • Vivamus

    Canada he? As it turns out I'll need to get a plane no matter what aposto fest I'd want to attend, cause you all live so far away . But a MEGA Apostofest, now that sounds awesome.

  • Tish

    Do these take place everywhere. I'm in the UK and wondered if there are any near me?


  • Matty

    ISP is organising the next one, and it will probably be in the Manchester area. I know that's not near you, but I'm sure a kind soul more local to you could arrange transport if necessary !

    Details below:


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