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  • SPAZnik

    i have a thing for someone i'll call "five"
    there's something there

    we're both aware
    but cautious
    at opposite ends 
    of a tightrope
    just a few steps in
    and all is smooth
    we take turns
    then we stand still.
    err, at least
    that's what i do.
    but i like him.
    i liked his voice
    on the phone that day
    and the way he sounded
    game to play
    that's why i flirted
    with him that way.
    i like how simple
    and honest he seems
    nothing too sinister
    in his playful gleam
    i like how it sounds
    when he speaks my name
    i find it adorable
    how he does silly things
    like stubbing his toe
    or dropping his keys
    or straining to hold
    the door open for me
    i like watching him
    and that powerful stance
    just a second or two
    makes me weak
    in the knees
    i like that he flirted
    in front of his team
    that day i came in drenched from the rain.
    i like that we alwayz have a laff.

    i like him already.

    ok, now what? LOL.

    just had to get this off my chest.

    must have hit that 13-16 age range
    cuz itz one crush or anutha.
    this one stands out though,
    thought i'd share it

  • 2cute2btrue

    and dont worry about others opinions just do what makes you happy

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