Would you rip off the WTS if you could?

by Mindchild 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • TR

    Ditto what SYN said.

    I don't think I'd touch the ATM cards, though. Could go to jail.

    Hmmm....but maybe JUST maybe there's a way to bilk their billions from them.


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  • DakotaRed

    Not taking high moral ground here, but no, I would not rip them off. Nothing justifies theivery, in my mind. Remember, two wrongs don't make a right, although three lefts do

    Lew W

  • musky

    reborn, I know it sounds like we would be justified in taking it. But I feel it would bring us down to their level. By reading your insightful comments on other threads, I figure your better than that. Although, I have already let things go, like getting too much change back at the grocery store , or not getting charged enough . I figure it make things even when they overcharge me at another time. Probably makes me a hypocrite . Being 100% honest is hard to do. musky

  • Mindchild

    Hey Everyone...thanks for your input. I knew this would be a loaded moral issue and I appreciate the responses one way or another.

    One thing I learned a long time ago is that most moral issues are fluid. Essentially what someone thinks is morally correct to do in one circumstance isn't always applicable in another time or place or situation. I personally feel it is wrong to rip someone off. Hell, the screwing of the average person is ubquitious these days and we take it for a fact of life. Yet on the other hand, if there were enough justification to step outside of the box and say really put some corporation that is exploiting people and ruining lives I personally wouldn't have any moral hangup's about extracting some vengence upon them...if there were no other way to do so and more importantly if the opportunity presented itself without there being serious repurcussions against my person for doing so.

    Having said this, I agree with Reborn's post and Syn and would bankrupt the WTS and not loose a bit of sleep over it. Of course I would feel guilty as hell having a few billion dollars laying around without it going to good use. That would motivate me to use the money in an intelligent way to help the victims of this cult rebuild and enrich their lives but I would damn well take some money out for the shit they dumped on me. Besides that, some of that money they have is money I gave them.

    Would I keep 1.8 million for myself? Hell yes. Gotta keep those apostofest parties well stocked with booze and drugs you know. lol.


  • witchywoman

    In a heartbeat, me too, give it all to the silentlambs. Hopefully bankrupt them to the point of nonexistance.

    witchywoman I do not steal, but with the WTS I would have no consciense.

  • Simon

    Yeah - take it all and give it to their victims.

    Robin-hood, Robin-hood, riding through the glen ...

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    Screw the moral high ground, all the stuff I could buy with that money would sooth my conscience. Not only that but what else are they going to spend the money on? Building new Kingdom Halls? Spreading their BS even more? Defending themselves in court so that they can kill more children from lack of blood? Hey, if I had the chance to make my life considerably better while doing what I can to stop some cult that's just evil you can bet I'd take everything I possibly could. They're the ones always talking about spiritual warfare and steeling the enemey's ammunition is part of war. I'd let them deal with not being able to expand their ministry while driving my new DeLorean around some Mexican beaches for a while.

  • Vivamus

    LMAO @

    In your best use of ventriloquism yet, you make the smurf appear to say, Im Charles Taze Russell. This panics the GB member at your door and he grabs his book bag and runs like crazy to jump into the limo.

    And yes, I'd probably rip him of for all he's worth, and then use that money to do some good with it.


  • Prisca

    Tempting though it may be, I wouldn't stoop so low as to steal the money, or take advantage of the credit cards.

    To me, although I agree with Mindchild's inventory of damages suffered, the greatest reward I have received is FREEDOM - freedom from their mind games, freedom to worship, freedom to live.

    Freedom has come at a price, but freedom is the greatest gift of all.

  • NameWithheld
    They're the ones always talking about spiritual warfare and steeling the enemey's ammunition is part of war.

    Good 'ol JC nailed it right there ... it's war baby!

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