Moral Obligation

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  • truthseeker1

    Do we have a moral obligation to help witnesses see the truth about the WT?

    Part of me feels that I should just be happy I am out. I wasn't happy in the borg. Some people are and they should be left there if they want to. To tear them out of their "happy place" would be wrong. If that is their beliefs, then I shouldn't say anything.

    The other part of me says otherwise (as it often does). Reading the beginning of CoC, it says he felt an obligation to tell what really happens behind the scenes. Perhaps its because he was an intragal part of it. I feel like the JWs need to know both sides of the story and then make their choice. Its hard because I know the WT lies about their past so they wouldn't look bad.

    So do we have a moral obligation to let JWs know the truth?

    my answer is Yes. We should let them know in a kind way. Don't yell. Don't cram it down their throats. Bring it up once to plant some seeds. Be prepared because it would be a one shot thing.

  • RubyTuesday

    Good advice Truth.

  • The_Bad_Seed
    Do we have a moral obligation to help witnesses see the truth about the WT?

    Not at all. I think I have a moral obligation, and enough common sense to leave any given person and his beliefs alone. I hate the "you are wrong and I am right" attitude.

    In my opinion all organized religions are wrong, but I realize that the vast majority of those people are happy people entitled to what they believe. It's no ones right to force or muscle opinions on anyone, no matter what you or I may know about any given persons way of life, or who it is running it.

  • joeshmoe

    I think it's a delicate balance.

    I do believe I have a moral obligation to inform others when I feel they are in danger. I believe all witnesses -- at least, those naive to the history and tactics of the WT -- are to some extent in danger.

    But if they do not want to hear what I have to say, or do not believe it, I will not try to cram it down their throat.

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.


  • Valis

    I was just thinking about this subject and to me its almost the same thing as the JWs have with blood guilt. The feel obligated to spread "the good news" to everyone, because if they don't and that person dies in Armageddon then they have blood guilt. Its unfortunate that they don't have the same compulsion about perophelia and blood amongst themselves. So I woould say yes, we have some obligation to at least show them or introduce them to the truth about the "truth". Unfortunately for many, this obligation can do more harm than good, where they get labelled Apostate or end up being shunned. As well, some are better at it than others, do don't forget that something as simple as living a happy life provides plenty of witness to them.


    District Overbeer

  • onacruse

    Perhaps it would sound less judgemental to say it is an ethical obligation. Hayakawa comments "Ethical, by contrast [to moral] is more and more taken to describe just and fair dealings with other people, not by the application of an external standard but by pragmatic consideration of all aspects of a situation in light of past experience."

    In that line of thought, our common membership in society entails a certain mutual responsibility to support, and even promote, the ethical standards of that society. To do so need not infringe on legitimate personal freedoms or impose arbitrary moral codes. It's more like a "normalization" process that enables each member to be integrated with their fellow man.

    IMO, this is an obligation that all sentient beings owe to each other.


  • joeshmoe
    don't forget that something as simple as living a happy life provides plenty of witness to them.

    Good point Valis. The pictures from this weeks festivities show you've got "living a happy life" down pat! Sorry I missed it!


  • zenpunk

    We should help those who want to be helped. Otherwise it is completely frustrating to try to help. It will just get us angry because they cannot see the real truth.

  • truthseeker1

    I don't mean cramming it down peoples throats. thats more JW style. Just let people know that there is another side to the story. I believe everyone has the right to choose what they believe and don't believe. I agree with the majority of you where It shouldn't be extreme. I just feel so bad that all these people make life/death decisions, spend their whole life serving a publishing company and don't know the truth behind it. If they at least know the truth behind the org and then decide to look past it and serve them, that their decision. It just bothers me that all these people are making decisions w/out knowing the truth behind them. Thats why I feel the urge to let people know.

  • ISP

    I don't think there is any obligation. We should just do our thing! Keep this board together...get stronger..etc. The rest will happen. I think its there for dubs to see. Consider the child abuse issue.....I don't feel much obligation to the elders and dubs that choose to stay in the paedophile paradise.


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