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  • Trauma_Hound
  • Dia

    Just curious. Has anyone ever listed the names of the guys on the GB? And, has anyone done a background check?

    (Criminal, legal, mental health, etc.)

    At first, I find it easy to assume that any background check would find them spotless.

    But then, I'm thinking they probably put a LOT of faith in people making that assumption. And maybe that would not be the case at all.

    I think it would be worth looking at.

    (Very funny post, by the way)

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  • Vivamus

    LMAO Trauma!

  • Bleep

    I fail to see the humour in slander.

  • SYN

    Well Bleep, I fail to see the humour in Jehovah's Witnesses, so maybe we do have something in common after all...

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