Let's Kit Out A 16 year Old Pioneer Bro.

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  • Angharad

    Who needs lots of pens when you can get one of those big fat ones that has lots of buttons at the top to choose colours. Way cool for colour co-ordiating your S8's

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  • Beck_Melbourne

    Angharad: the three in one?? Blue for 'not at homes', Red for 'do not calls' and green for 'return visit/potential bible study/interested person/lonely old lady likes to talk/widower in garden can't say no/etc!

    He will need to know the do's and don'ts...here is the spiritual man reaching out necktie:


    And then there are the worldly neckties only worn by the outlandishly fashionable sheep - attention seekers in the congregation!


    Then there's the practical car for field service - a van is preferable for country territory, but for suburb witnessing this suits the ambitious pioneer:

    And only the worldy-minded materialistic sheep would dare to drive into the KH car park in one of these:


  • COMF

    I think we should hook him up with one of these nifty waterproof magazine displayer units, don't you? After all, being a pioneer, he's gonna be out there getting those hours in regardless of the weather.

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