What I figured on Jehovah...

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  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent

    When I was leaving I figured that Jehovah is one of these things:

    1. Non-existant,

    2. Exists but is different to how the WTS describe Him (Her, Them, It...),

    3. Exists as the WTS describes him and is deeply saddened and angered by the inequities and sins committed by His name people but extends to them benevolence and forgivness unconditionally,

    4. Exists just as the WTS says and His character is well and clearly demonstrated in the operation of the 'Spiritual Paradise on earth today' and by the conduct of His earthly representatives.

    1 or 2: If true, I resoned that there's no point in being a JW - it'd make no difference in the end

    3. Is the espoused teaching of the WTS. If true I'd be buggerd at armageddon unless there's a lot of unconditional forgivenss to go around,

    4. This is the teaching in practice of the WTS, and I can't stand living under this tyranical, far-right rulership now, why should I beat myself up for the privilage of living under it FOREVER??? I should leave NOW!!!

    And that's what I did! Since then I haven't found anything much the WTS taught me to be true or useful, so on that basis I reckon 1 or 2 are the go and all this religion carry-on just dosn't matter.

    What do you think?


    'If W is going to invade Iraq to depose an undesirable dicator, maybe he should check out Brooklyn Heights first?'

  • raven101

    Hey Max! You know those possiblities are the precise ones that ran thru my mind when I logically tried to assess them, the possible conclusions were the same as well,

    . . . . . coincidence?

    freee at last,


  • ISP

    5. Inactive...therefore no point in getting into a froth over what you have to do.


  • FreeToBeMe

    6. Disfellowshipped .... just like me. (RATFLMAO)


  • ISP

    Yeah........I bet the WTS would DF god if they found out he did not approve of them......


  • AGuest

    Good morning, Max... and peace to you!

    Number 2 is correct. If you want to know who the WTBTS leaders REALLY are... please read chapter 23 of Matthew. If you want to know God... then you must know Christ. Look at his life, his teachings, his admonitions. If you can't do it without the Bible, then may I suggest: Matthew 5 John 10 John 14-17 the Psalms (all of them will do) and Proverbs 8:4-11

    You have been misled, as was I and many, many others. But you don't HAVE to be. There still time to receive life... for the Spirit and the Bride KEEP saying "Come!" If, therefore, you are wishing, hearing and thirsting, I invite YOU to "Come! Take 'life's water' free!"

    To help you in this, may I direct you also to: John 6:48, 51, 53 and 56 John 15:7 and Revelation 22:17

    Again, I bid you peace...

    A slave of Christ,


  • ISP

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    Historical Jesus Theories

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  • ISP

    Take your pick, Max..re JC..


  • Simon

    Based on all the evidence and arguments I would say ...

    ... 1 - does not exist

  • DanTheMan

    A super-zealot elder in a congo I used to attend loved to read Matthew 24:45 to householders (they probably had no idea why) but he was such a judgemental dumbshit that he felt like he was giving them some sort of warning about how they needed to identify this "slave" Jesus was speaking about...OR ELSE DIE!!

    How do you love a God who is just itching to destroy 99.9% of the earth's population, just because they didn't listen to the message of a cantankerous, narcissistic, shrill, false-prophesying group of goofy white men in Brooklyn New York who take themselves entirely too seriously?

    #2 is the conclusion I came to. God is way bigger than the WT (or fundies in general) paint him. Fundamentalists worship gods of their own creation.

    "It is easier to serve the hate-gods because they thrive on the worship of collective fanaticism. To serve the hate-gods, one has only to be blinded by collective passion" - Thomas Merton

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