Moving On

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  • LovesDubs

    We are all more than the "sum of our parts" you know? I am many things, all of which have made me what I am. And to exjws I am an exjw. To my kids I am mom, to my husband I am his wife. To my neighbors I am a neighbor...and the various things do not overlap. I dont walk around, as Im sure you dont, with a sign on my chest announcing my EXJWness. It has its place in my life and history and I use what I gleened from that experience to relate to others of the same experience or to help someone through it as we all have been. If it is all consuming and thats all you think about then you havent moved on. But its place becomes more defined, and its borders more evident as time wears on. Dont worry that it seems to hang around. I believe it has something you can make lemonade from in the long run. Kinda like smells really bad but it makes the flowers grow :)

  • witchywoman

    ((Loves)) I like that manure thing, says a lot in only a few words.


  • ISP

    I've been out 2yrs or so. I can't say I am 'aclimatised' yet. Guess it comes with time.


  • songmistress

    Thanks all for your responses and support. I was having one of THOSE days yesterday when things were running around in my brain. I have actually had many more good days than I used to which makes the bad days harder to take. I may have to share my story soon to help purge it from my soul.

    Viv: Thanks, I do know that being a JW has brought me to where I am today and that I wouldn't be the same person without it. Some days it just feels overwhelming

    David: I am a singer and love it. I do know that not having JW family members makes it easier on me than others who were born into it. Thanks for caring

    Witchy: Yes I do understand the circle concept. Thanks

    Loves: LOL manure. ahh yes the sh*t of our lives from which pretty things can now grow

    English: Yes I have found that certain "star quality" from being an ex-jw. Just the shock value is priceless at times.

    Animal: What can I say but I luv ya bro.

    ISP: It does get better, and the others are right that it does take time. Hang in there.

    Ugg: Enjoyed chatting with you last night. Thanks for your support.

    Ozzie: Thanks for sharing

    Kenpo: Point well taken, looking on the bright side

    Blessings to all


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  • SYN

    Being Assimilated is an experience that changes you, and often not for the better. For a more detailed explanation, see this post:

    Goto Dub Memories Part 1
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