August KM Insert RE: Disfellowshipping???

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  • back2dafront

    Can anyone verify that the insert in the August KM states/reiterates one can be disfellowshipped for speaking to a family member? I read this through a jahchristian newsletter I received and want to verify that it is actually true. Please advise.



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  • TheOldHippie

    So as you can see, it is NOT true ...............

  • hawkaw

    Old Hippie,

    Are you kidding? or are you being serious? If you are being serious please elborate because what I read states you cannot talk to family members that live outside the home (and if want you can shun inside the home).

    If you do talk to those brothers/sisiters/daughters/sons/moms/dads outside the home, then, you are in violation of the shunning doctrine which could lead to a dfing. Am I not right? Is that not what the question for paragraphs 3 and 4 is saying?


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  • LB

    The question asks what sort of assosication is forbiddon not what sort of association isn't good for you.

    You do something forbidden, you get DFed.

  • Dia

    Speaking of rules, does it say anything about 'harboring criminals'?

    What about the punishment for acting as an 'accesory to a crime'?

  • LB

    What about the punishment for acting as an 'accesory to a crime'?

    I think you get the privledge of becoming a Ministerial Servent. Appointed by holy spirit of course.

  • CFree

    I was extremely interested to read this KM article to see if my parents would start treating me differently again. When I was d'fd 5 years ago they had nothing to do with me. Once my daughter was born they gradually started having some contact which is still the case BUT it is very much kept quiet and organised in such a way that others won't know too much about it. Now tho this article makes it very clear that they should be having no contact with me unless it is absoloutely necessary. I wonder if things will change from now on (especially with my father being an elder).

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Because the act of shunning loved ones, especially those disfellowshipped for trivialties unrelated to gross wrongoing or criminality, is so contrary to basic human nature, the instinctive tendency is to lighten up on the strictures with passing of time, so laxity progressively sets in. So these unnatural restrictions need to be reinforced periodically, often with ruthelss brutality. Basically it's a largely futile campaign to sitfle mankind's natural impulses to love and even die for, his own lflesh and blood, and dommed ultimately, to fail.

  • JT


    So as you can see, it is NOT true ...............


    tHIS IS WHAT makes the wt so interesting in that they have lots of rules and it often times boils down to application / ELDER BODY

    while it is true that typically a jw will not be dfed for just speaking to a family member, but the problem is they can be and there is no appeal, let us illustrate

    the avg group of "Cheese Cracker Guys" AKA BODY OF ELDER IF THEY saw old hippie talking to his daughter on the street would probably not call him in at the next meeting to setup a judical meeting and df him, it rarely happens that way. but oold hippie if he is seen on a number of occasions talking to his daughter and esp if they are SEEN LAUGHING by sister Pioneeer who goes to the elders to report this- then the elders are in a catch 22, for they have to show that they are taking the direction from the wt seriously

    for they know that sister pioneer will tell others i see old hipppie laughing and talking with his daughter almost everyday in the Star Bucks

    at that point they will pull in old hippie to question him - old hippie the friends are talking man about you are seen talking to your daughter who is 29, dfed and living with that boyfriend still we understand. are you two talking about biz or not

    now at that point old hippie knows he must either lie and say we are discussing family biz issues and it's not a social occasion or tell the truth i enjoy talking to my daughter about father and daughter issues.

    at that point IF AND I MEAN IF -- his elders are good Society Men they will snatchout this very KM in aug and beat the Hell out of him.

    at this point they have served notice on my boy- if it is reported again to them that he is seen in that Star Bucks the next day his A$$ is Grass-

    if they bring him in and decide to Dfed him for being seen talking his daughter in a Star Bucks and he still feels it ain;'t wrong they will DF him and if he appeals the appeal committee as well as the Service Dept will stand behind the orginal committee to df him

    esp in view of the fact that others in the congo know that old hippie is out talking to his daughter, CAN'T START NO TRENDS

    but like i said the avg elder body will not push the issue perhaps, but is it not amazing to know that if the body of elder push the issue


    yes this org is all about Image and Legal jargon

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