What JW books should be called

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  • sleepy

    Ok we've had this before , but lets do it again.

    What do you think are more appropriate titles for JW books?

    Heres mine,

    "Borganized to accomplish our ministry"

    "Inspite of the scripture"

    "New world transformation of the holy scriptures"

    "The bible gods word or Franz"

    "Questions young people ask, answers from the top of our head"

    "Is there is creator?Who cares"

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  • Farkel

    "The Truth Shall Cost a Fee"

    I composed a list of my names for all WT books some years ago, but don't have it anymore. Here's two I remember from my list, though:

    "Then is Finished The Mystery of Aluminum"

    "Babylon the Grape Has Fallen! Brooklyn Rules!"


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  • Gopher

    "Knowledge that Leads to Everlasting Confusion"

    "Sing boring songs to Jehovah (and don't use the Hall piano)"

    "Our Needless Ministry"

  • Vivamus

    "Knowledge, that consists of lies"

  • Matty

    ISAIAH'S PROPHECY I - Shite for All Mankind

    ISAIAH'S PROPHECY II - Yes, Isaiah's back, and this time he's pissed!

  • Tammie

    Dead weight (bound vol.)

    Dead man walking (those old folks who think they will never die.)

    Killing our forest

    Waisting space

  • Vivamus

    "You can live 'till the day you die, like mindless Dubs, in Borg-Paradise"

  • LyinEyes

    Questions Young People Ask...Answers that will get your ass kicked

    The Truth that leads to Eternal Misery

    You Can't live forever on Paradise

    Missing the Best out of your Youth

    United in Worstshit

    Make Sure of the Unimportant Things

    Unorganzied So As to Not Accomplish Our Ministry

    Organized to Accomplish Our Misery

  • sleepy

    Botchtower and Awake

    Life, how did it get here?Because you can't have one.

    United in worship of a group of old tossers in Broklyn.

    Shepherding the flock of god, without tenderness.

  • NeonMadman

    "Things In Which It Is Impossible For God to Lie - But WE Can!"

    "The Nations Shall Know That I Am Jehovah - NOT!"

    "The Divine Scam of the Ages"

    "Jehovah's Witnesses - Defamers of God's Kingdom"

    "Make Sure of No Things - Hold Fast to What is Blind"

    "Paradise Denied to Mankind - by Our Theocracy"

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