My CoC Book Came Today!

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  • Swan

    My copy of Crisis of Conscience came today! I also got a copy of Understanding Mind Control Among JWs. So far I am very impressed with both of them. That cognitive dissonance is scary stuff! It explains a lot about why we still hung in there after 1975. I knew about 1914, but I didn't know about 1874, 1878, 1881, 1910, 1918, 1920, and 1925 as prophetic dates that were also duds. I wonder why the Watchtower forgot about those dates when we were studying the history of the society in later years?

    Are there any documents left to support these dates and tell of the Russellites early history? Are there any sources other than the WTBTS that give a more objective view of the Russellites, Millerites, and Adventist teachings of the 19th century? I was so stupid not to double check and research on my own! I just took their word for everything! STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!

    Yes, these are turning out to be very good books. The only problem is there are no paragraph questions at the bottom of the page to help me "get the full understanding."


  • FreeFallin


    I can certainly empathize with your statement...Why did'nt I research all this and doublecheck what I was told. In my case, I had complete trust in the older couple who studied with us. I guess I thought they walked on water. Pretty dumb, huh.


  • larc

    Tammy, you are in for quite a trip. Ray's book will open up doors for you that you just can't imagine. Behind the doors are rooms that you will find to be something to behold, believe me.

  • Jeremiah Lee
    Jeremiah Lee

    Where can I get a cheap copy?

    May God guide and keep you, ><>


  • ignored_one

    Jeremiah Lee,

    Amazon do second-hand books.

    Ignored One.

  • ozziepost

    Good for you, Tammy. The revised edition certainly is a feast! Enjoy.

    Don't forget the sequel:" In Search of Christian Freedom".

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Joyzabel


    I'm so glad to have met you. Now wait until you read CoC! I think it will help you put to rest any questons you may still be having. (Make sure your head is on straight, because what Ray reveals is head spinning!)

    Keep us posted on what you are reading.



  • witchywoman

    You are going to love it! Got mine a couple of weeks ago too. We have a lot to learn.


  • Sentinel


    This book will be a keeper. I don't own my own copy. I read it once back years ago, and then again last year. I had a difficult time getting it from the local library, as it is very popular. You will read it the first time with thrill and fervor. You will read it the second time, just to make sure you read it right the first time. And, then you will probably refer to it again and again.

    As far as references for the history of JW's, it would seem that Ray would have some references in the back of his book, other than WT literature. However, there never seems to be an end to what is available on the net. Your local library should have a good reference on the history of religions, including JW's.

    This book is written by a man who came from the "inner sanctum" of the borg. His insight and knowledge of the "secret society", the society that most JW's don't even know exists, is invaluable.

    Love and Light, and happy reading


  • Tanalyst

    I received the 4th edition about a month ago.My preteenager asked to read it,(never been in a K hall) read about 300 pages.The kid's thoughts - JW's are wacko's.

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