H2O Anon Post: Bill Bowen Threatened

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  • Derrick

    I'm worried sick at the thought that Bill Bowen is in danger, and sincerely hope those near him will provide his family with protection. If the following article on H2O by an anonymous poster bears any truth, then I recommend to Bill that he asks the local police for 24 hour home protection (i.e., squad car drive-bys and surveillance).


    Bill, you and your family are in my prayers. I don't so much fear those who have truly dedicated their lives to Jehovah as I'm concerned for the mentally unstable fanatics out there. I personally own a stun gun, pepper spray, and have the house and property secured with reasonably priced security equipment from X10 to keep visual view of all areas around the house: http://www.x10.com/ -- this includes a very complete home security system that dials both on land and through cellular link to a security firm, also alerting myself and nearby friends. Motion sensor lights around the property and in driveway also go on automatically but are adjusted to minimize false starts. Sensitive glass sensors will trigger the security system if window is shattered or even cut. I have a panic button on my keychain and in my bedroom that triggers the system to go off. I can also check the house over the Internet to make sure all is well. These are some personal security provisions I recommend, aside from asking police to drive-by your home and keep an eye on you.

    Stay safe, the silent lambs need you! I'm sure anyone near you with the resources to protect you and your family will gladly help!


  • jack2

    this whole page was intriguing, thanks for the post derrick.

  • NewLight2

    Maybe Bill should hire 2 or more off-duty policemen to acompany him into the room for saftey. The WTBS surly wouldn't object to having off-duty policemen there, OR WOULD THEY?????

  • ballistic

    Derrick did I miss something? When I clicked on your link it took me to a Jah Christain Newsletter which happened to be posted by anon. I didn't see an anonymous death threat posted.

  • Kenneson

    It is the Newsletter itself which speaks of the threats. Subject heading would be more accurate if it read: Re: H20 Anon Post:Jah Christian Newsletter Says Bill Bowen Threatened"

  • Derrick

    Derrick did I miss something? When I clicked on your link it took me to a Jah Christain Newsletter which happened to be posted by anon. I didn't see an anonymous death threat posted.

    I never said anybody posted an anonymous death threat. I said that an anonymous poster on H2O has posted information that Bill Bowen said he was threatened. As you pointed out, the anonymous poster quoted from a newsletter.

    Again, nowhere in my post or the post on H2O is there a claimed "death threat posted."

    Please see my original post at the top of this page and the link for further clarification.


  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    I hate to say it but while those X10 systems may keep out the most basic of intruders all it does is provide a false sense of security against a determined and skilled intruder. The motion detectors won't go off if you move very slowly towards them and then disable them, the camera signals can be jammed (and also picked up by people outside your house who can use your own cameras to spy on you), and the software you use to check/control everything over the internet can be hacked into by someone who knows their stuff. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE X10 stuff (all of my place's lights are controlled with their systems) and it sounds like you do have a good setup to stay safe from the average stoner who needs some money so he can get his fix don't think you're safe from someone who's intelligent enough to check your place out first and is determined to get in. Also be aware that someone outside your house can VERY easily use your own camera system to spy on YOU so they can learn more about your movements and common actions because those cameras don't have built in encryption and can be picked up by anyone with an antenna and the desire to watch you.

  • sunshineToo

    Wow, J.C. you keep X10 stuff in the heaven, too???????? Wow, I guess we are really living in the last days.

  • sunshineToo

    I'm sure Bill and his family have been threatened from the beginning. But I wonder if some people ( maybe from this board ) who live near by can keep their eyes on him and his family.

  • rmayer32

    I think I would just take my buddies Smith & Wesson with me to be perfectly safe


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