Shunned Father Update

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  • Dogpatch

    [to Randy],
    Have I updated you recently about my daughter. Her mother took her and my
    youngest daughter and fled the country , on July 20th. I do not know where
    they are and if [my daughter] is receiving any treatment. I do know it was
    orchestrated by the WTS. The WTS Lawyers and local HLC Rep do know where
    they are and of course will not tell me. When they left that saturday they
    had time to speak with the media. They did not have time to call me. I found
    out about it by reading the sunday paper. What a shock! But it does not
    surprise me. The WTS has to be the most unloving , unchristian organization
    that I have ever heard of. In order to be able to find out about my children
    I had to file for divorce and try to get custody of the girls. If I am
    sucessful, then the Judge will force the WTS to disclose the whereabouts of
    my wife and daughters. I do know that they are hiding in a JW home. I found
    out recently that the WTS gave my daughter a book enbossed with the title"
    Zealous Kingdom Proclaimers: Personal Notes of [my daughter] ,
    Program 2002-2003". It looks like they plan to publish her in the next
    yearbook as another martyr.

    Shunned Father from Canada


    They sure like to be total jerks, don't they?

    Randy Watters

    Net Soup!

  • concerned mama
    concerned mama

    Thanks for passing that along, Randy. That poor man. I suppose the wheels of justice grind slowly, and it will take time to locate his daughters. I wish the press here publicized this more. I find out much more on this message board than from the local papers

  • sunshineToo

    Unfortunately this kind of case is not new any more. People just think that the JWs are nuts. And that's all. Since the girl refused the transfusion for herself, I don't think anyone would give this case enough sympathy. I feel really sorry for her father. I feel so helpless, too.

  • Simon

    What a horrible situation to be in !?!

    I'm sure any parent can relate to this story and imagine how Shunned Father must be feeling and what he must be going to.

    It can't be easy on his daughter either who is doing what she thinks and has been told is the right thing but doesn't have the experiance and complete information to make a proper balanced decision.

    I really hope things work out ok and they all get the support they deserve.

  • BeautifulGarbage

    I have so many feelings, and reactions, to this tragedy that it is hard to focus on one thought.

    Judge will force the WTS to disclose the whereabouts of
    my wife and daughters.

    The WTS has kidnapped her. Plain and simple. If it weren't for the cooperation of her Mother, this would be a crime.

    I am assuming that the lawyers for the WTS are JW. They make me think the Al Qaida terrorist cells that live amongst us in society. They assimlate and blend in, becoming one of us. Then when called up by the parent organization, they move into their assigned position and unquestioningly follow their orders.

    I hope the courts move quickly on his custody issue so that he can see her ASAP.


  • Joyzabel

    Thank you for the update, Randy.

    "The WTS has to be the most unloving , unchristian organization that I have ever heard of." With examples like this one, of shunned Father, how so very true.

    I am disgusted by the WTBTS showing the daughter what they might write about her in a future yearbook. (It certainly isn't the book of life.) How sad and how petty.

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