Oh, c'mon, nobody reads The Onion?

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  • Xander

    The bit in question, of course, is:

    In the wake of the announcement, a number of other publications have announced plans for "sex issues," including Cosmopolitan, Vogue, FHM, Stuff, Men's Health, Esquire, Spin, Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated, Vanity Fair, Harper's, Better Homes & Gardens, Money, Mother Jones, Comics Buyer's Guide, National Geographic, Reason, The Watchtower, Model Railroader, Biblical Archaeology Review, and Cat Fancy.

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  • zenpunk

    LOL @ Model Railroader. I guess anything can have a sex spin...

  • teenyuck

    I love The Onion!

  • NeonMadman

    I actually subscribed to the print version for a year, but let it lapse when I realized that ALL the humor content from the print version was already appearing on the web site. Haven't been real diligent about getting to the web site since the sub ran out tho...

    And I can't wait to get the "Sex Issue" of Biblical Archaeology Review!!

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  • JeffT


  • Robert_V_Frazier

    LOL @ Model Railroader. I guess anything can have a sex spin...

    Sure, Zenpunk! Explicit color photos of model trains steaming into tunnels!

    Robert Frazier

  • seawolf

    I read the onion sometimes. It's just that there are so many sites that I read each day that there just isn't enough time to look at them all.

  • ignored_one


    I just love the onion.

    I'm sure they will bring out a sex issue of the watchtower soon enough, although it'll be an anti-sex issue (the end is close you now, no time to be raising kids).

    Ignored One.

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