UK About To Flip-Flop On Blood?

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  • Mutz

    My Bro in-law is an Elder and Mum is still in and I have heard nothing from them on either of these two subjects. There's always a watchtower study the sunday before the convention but it's open to all who are doing pre-convention work.

  • Englishman


    There are occasional special meetings for special long service dubs. A sort of "inner circle" maybe?


  • metatron

    I continue to believe that they are changing on the blood issue
    because they perceive that they have no choice despite the risks.

    Holding on to the blood doctrine, now that it's been exposed
    as nonsense is organizational suicide. Any of a number of
    highly placed defectors could bring legal and political
    disaster on their enterprise if they continue to hold on to
    this bogus doctrine. The Jensen letters proved the idea is
    intellectually bankrupt.

    They've gotta getaway from blood as quickly as possible
    or face a scandal that would make the whole child molesting
    issue look like a walk in the park.

    just one more dilemma for the Brooklyn gerontocrats


  • nancee park
    nancee park

    Perceive all you want but the fact is there no real change, just words. HLC committee members would already know if there really was. Again the only change is there wording. But a rose by another name is still a rose, and a skunk is still a skunk.

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