Toronto Review of Father's Touch

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    Hey Donald,

    I think one of the more interesting aspects of human nature is the ability to distance oneself from the discomfort - and child abuse is definitely uncomfortable for whoever's reading about it. It's hard, even if one's a survivor themselves.

    If the writer's good, then the writer will be able to capture the reader's emotional response....which in this case would be their own lives or touching a tortured life of another child. Obviously, you're a good writer, eh?

    Therefore, adding another dimension - such as the controversary around the WT's handling of pedophiles comes into play. You could stick government, taxation, parents, whatever in there. But it enables the person to think of something besides the central issue.....the child victim...exclusively. And the continuing millions of child victims universally.

    I'm sure you know this stuff already - if it's accurate. It took me a long time to think about this *stuff* and the distancing techniques people use. It used to drive me crazy, but now only makes me cock my head to one side and squint.

    My favorite one is when talking with another person about personal accounts of child rape, they say, "Well, if it happened to you, that's terrible." IF IT HAPPENED?????????????? Interestingly enough, I've caught myself saying the same thing......and realized that then I'm actually not standing next to the person, only observing from a personal safe distance.

    Btw, there are people who won't even read this type of thread, nor any book like yours. They KNOW it happens, they just don't want to *know* it personally. By your posts here, your book, your vivid memories and insight to humans - it helps us all.

    Thank you.


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