october 4/5 4026,ADAM WAS CREATED

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  • badboy

    How was the date October 4/5 arrived at?

  • SixofNine

    It's all bible based.

  • JanH

    Some very creative calculation based on the Biblical chronology, especially the genealogies.

    The most famous calculation was done or popularized by the Irish Bishop James Usher (variant spellings exist) in the 17th century.

    "Chronology or Annales Veteris et Novi Testamenti, 2 vols. (1650-54), in which he calculated the long-accepted chronology printed by an unknown authority in the Authorised Version of the Bible and dating creation of the world at 4004 BC"

    From http://www.pgil-eirdata.org/html/pgil_datasets/authors/u/Ussher,J/life.htm

    Usher dated the Creation to Oct 26, 4004. (Hmm, edited to add: it seems the accurate date was not coined by Usher himself, but some later sources)

    I think JWs base their chronology on some vague idea that everything important happens around October 2nd.

    - Jan

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  • sunshineToo

    So are we going to have a birthday party?

  • kenpodragon

    The GB was all sitting around getting stoned and they got some real good stuff. Soon numbers were dancing all over and they were all amazed ... there with the fly buzzing so cool around the room was the date ... and thus policy was born.

    Dream on!

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