Inactive JW attemps suicide........

by Robinhood 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • outnfree


    I am with Sunshine! You guys are GREAT friends and should be able to help this young man out a LOT with your knowledge and experience.

    Please express my concern for his well-being and extend the invitation to visit us here when he's able. We're so very glad he's still alive and not another JW casualty!


  • SloBoy

    Robinhood..... Although a sad post, one, that never the less, needed to be posted.These real-life situations are the things that will help others see through the fog of dishonest WBTS propaganda. People's lives are being pushed in a dangerous direction under the " loving guidance of spiritul shepherds ". A travesty indeed!! I just returned home to find out that a young man in our area, raised in the truth, has committed suicide. He evidently had a history of drug-abuse. I can't speak with the parents, but I hope they get some comforting words and not more of what you so accurately related.

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