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  • metatron

    I was trying to remember the correct German word for the state of attitude towards others

    that Witnesses often show - I believe it is "schaudenfreud" - happiness felt when observing

    other's misfortune.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas opposed to "sigfriedundroy" which is entirely different, and involves tigers..

    All funning and punning aside, you're right, except that it is schadenfreude ,

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  • JanH

    Indeed, schadenfreude. It is a very useful word we also have in Norwegian ("skadefryd") I sometimes regret it does not exist in English. 'Glee' captures some of it.

    - Jan

  • belbab

    Great Word, we needed that.
    I have a hunch there a word in the Bible that conveys the same meaning. I will try to find it, it may be translated as PUFFED UP

    (Where in hell did the text stuff go, bold italics etc. )


  • GermanXJW

    I sometimes regret it does not exist in English.

    It does exist in English. It is schadenfreude. So many English words have entered into German that is should not be a problem for some German words to enter the English language.

  • belbab

    German JW,

    Can you break down the word for us, what is it origin and the meaning of each part of the word.

    May be in English we can change the spelling a bit

    Something like, Shaftingfreude, Shafting gloat .

    I think a synomyn in English would be gloating


  • SixofNine

    I think the words SigmundFreud also explain alot of witness actions and reactions towards one another.

  • Scully

    Hey Metatron:

    We're on the same wavelength again, old buddy!

    I wrote this several months ago..... maybe you missed it:


    The German word "Schadenfreude" is a compound word.
    "Schaden" = "damage"; "freude" = joy; "Schadenfreude" = "damage joy"

    Love, Scully

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  • Stephanus

    German JW is right, schadenfreude is the English word. English is a reasonably flexible language which will happily borrow words from other languages when necessary. After all, nobody has any problems with "kindergarten".

  • og

    I had problems with kindergarten.

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