The dumbest way you got caught?

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  • Mulan

    When I was 16, I went to a bargain-night (Wednesday) movie with my girlfriend (also a dub, who was 15). I had a car, so we sat in the car, smoking, until time to get in line. When we got in line, there were about 20 other witnesses from all over our circuit, who could have clearly seen us. But.........that was 1961, and smoking wasn't a df'ing offense. No one talked to us about it. I doubt anyone even called our parents. We were just pufffing anyway................playing with them.

    One of my sons (in 1983) was on a circuit assembly part with one of his friends. They both smoked (parents didn't know of course). They walked about half a mile to a Safeway store, in the rain, to buy cigarettes during the break. By the time they got back to the Assembly Hall, their pants were wet to the knees. They had to go to teh assembly three weeks in a row for the part, so that wasn't a weekend we were with them. They didn't get caught either. Not THAT time!!

  • kat7302

    lol at you guys!

    Roybatty - I bet you chuckle!

    Elsewhere - Its a strange thing the old guilt. I would feel guilty and pray for forgiveness about certain things but I would always do them again! Least you had something to show for it!

    Mulan - good for you, another smoking story! We actually used to sneak out of the KH and go to a little subway 5 minutes away, have a fag, eat a mint on the way back in, spray deodrant and sit back down! Cant believe we were ever so naive as to think noone could smell it! lol - you have to laugh about it!

  • bigfloppydog

    I was down, depressed and angry at something I found out an elder did that was wrong, so I said to hell with it, I had a smoke. The stupid thing was I told a sister I had one, she snitched on me, and I ended up at a committee meeting. Meanwhile this sister who snitched on me was caring on with a wordly fellow and trying to hide it from everyone. I was the witness to that, but kept my mouth shut.

  • kat7302

    Unfortunatley Floppydog, thats always the way it seems to happen! We keep our mouths shut about others but the minute we step out if line, bang, your in a Judicial quicker than you can say !"but brother!"

  • Reborn2002

    LMAO @ Elsewhere!

    So it was not just me who encountered the naughty-azz, sexually repressed Witness chicks who got self-righteous AFTER they get their freak on with you!

    Then AFTER they confess.. they want to do it again!

    WTF? LOL


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