Imagine the congre. if all of us were in it...omg

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  • LyinEyes

    Wild Turkey and I love to sit around and talk about all the crazy things we hear some have done while they were witnesses in their local kingdom halls. We are the type who love to laugh and have a good time. We pulled many antics ourselves at our hall. Can you imagine what a congregation would be like if several of us were in it together. Oh the evil things we could do, the jokes, the fun, the humor. I might would have stayed being a JW just to give the local elders hell. It would have been so fun to have ya'll in the congregatin together. We were the youngest in our hall,and it was boring. So we had to make our own fun.

    I will never forget many of the antics that many of you posted , things you did while in the very presence of God,no less. LOL.

    I wont name names, because i might get them wrong. But here are a few things that cracked me up ya'll did:

    The brother who went to the back of the hall to do a major fart.

    The brother who, pulled a hamburger out of his pocket and ate it right there in the middle of the meeting.

    The sister who sang the kingdom melodies, wrong, on purpose.

    The brother who irritated his daughter to pass time, and blamed it on his son.

    THe ones who defaced the watchtower, and other publications.

    THe ones who went out in the car to listen to ball games.

    The ones who wrote notes to each other making fun of the idiots on stage.

    The brother who carried several mini tape recorders to his judical meeting.

    God, there are so many more,............ feel free to tell some of the things you did, or the worst things you saw done at conventions, meetings, andfield service.

    I guess that is why I am so looking forward to the apostofest in Dallas, we get to act like fools and we wont get called to the little room. Well not that I know of anyway.

  • Beck_Melbourne

    Mercy, we would have had such fun together!

    The wackiest thing I ever did was do a cartwheel one early morning wearing just my nightshirt with no undies on, and the PO's son was playing hidey with my kids and he was sitting underneath our kitchen table. That was so funny...he stood up and hit the top of his head on the bottom of the table and ran into the bedroom screaming "I saw your mum's bum, I saw your mum's bum" - I had no idea he was there. Poor kid! I hope he recovers from that incident.

    My sister and I used to do things to amuse ourselves during the meetings and it usually involved that out of control giggling. Have you ever sat behind and to the side of someone with a giant bogey sticking out of their nose. Its impossible not to get the giggles from that...and my sister and I were grown ups at the time, not children LOL...I remember our shoulders would shake as we tried to laugh silently...with these little snorts escaping as we made a pathetic attempt to muffle our laughter. Its so funny when you get those giggles and just can't stop no matter where you look or what you try to do to compose yourself, it just gets funnier and funnier. We had to leave the room in shame, we did this often LOL.

    I hope you guys have a great apostofest LEyes - rejoice and be happy, Jehovah's people are a happy people!!! LOL


  • writerpen

    During assemblies I would go to my car and sleep. And I mean SLEEP. For two hours or more - whatever it took to consume the assembly session. Looking back, I wonder why I even went, especially since I was single and living on my own. Right before the last song, I would run in the convention facility and sing along with everyone like I had been there all along. It was after that when I started reading in the literature and hearing in talks at the KH reports of the "friends" being found asleep in their cars during assemblies/conventions. I guess more than myself had gotten TIRED of all the BS that spewed forth at those conventions.

  • jack2

    I'd like to be in a Hall with Farkel and LB for laughs.......and with my friends on the board too.....that would be great, we'd be a wild bunch.

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  • Swan

    I used to play "Do this" with my cousins, nieces, and nephews across the arena. It was basically a Simon Says (no offense Simon) type of game where we would fold our arms, rub our nose, tug our ear, etc. It helped pass the time during the boring boring keynote address (a.k.a. the monotone monologue).

    I also watched people through the binoculars we brought for the dramas. It was kinda fun spying on others.

    The Deaf section was also interesting to watch. I actually started to learn some signs. Laughed out loud when Pharoah's armies were drowning in the Red Sea and the interpreters mimed going under three times!

    At the hall, I drew captions on the illustrations in the Wt. and showed them to my friends.

    When I was very young the big thing was to go around behind the hall where there was no parental supervision. Once I yelled "Rattlesnake" and scared all of the younger kids back there. It was actually only Tom, the POs old farm cat, out in the tall dry grass.

    Playing between the seats after the meeting was also fun.

    Also at the assemblies, getting excused by my parents to go to the bathroom and then going to the farthest one I could. Once at the King Dome it was all the way over on the third level of the KingDome and on the opposite side! Cutting under the bleachers was fun too! Never knew what you might see or find.


  • SPAZnik

    Imagine the congre. if all of us were in it...omg

    lmao @ that visual. teehee.


  • LB

    I'd like to be in a Hall with Farkel and LB for laughs

    Well I'm not going to be the one fluffling Fark. He's going to have to fluff himself, as usual.

    I did enjoy myself at the old hall though. Not so much at meetings but afterwards. Picnics and stuff like that were a blast. It was sort of fun wondering which MS would get himself in trouble. One was a good drinker, another had a temper and another was always oggling the 14 year old girls.

    Now if we had this group at assembly I think we'd have to pick Reno as the assembly site. Yes, sin city north.

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