my reply to nigerian letter from paul baba

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  • recoveringexjw

    Dear Mr Baba,
    It has come to my attention that you ar4e currently holding funds in escrow owned by a late Barry Kelly.Well sir you will be most pleased to know that i am Mr. Barrys closest living relative.Many yrs ago my parents were killed by a band of pirates in the rainforest while on safari.Mr. Barry Kelly was my fathers uncle on my maternal grandmothers side. I was subsequently adopted by a band of Jewish-Ojibue indians and raised on the island of Naobo off of the coast of a tiny little nation Naiballaballa. Im now healthy and currently living in the U.S.A. Im 47 yrs old , i have 6 children 4 of whom are grown.Mr Baba the money in question is legally mine. You have no legal claim to the funds.Please email me the proper paperwork i need to fill out in order to claim said monies.Also please give a reasonable and convenient date for my family and i to travel to nigeria and claim monies in qestion.Thank you and have a nice day. The Reverand Deforrest Kelly

  • Naeblis

    Pretty amusing but I wouldn't mess with these guys. They have killed people.

  • recoveringexjw

    prove it

  • Mulan

    It is true. Do a search on the internet "Nigeria Scam". There are people who have gone to Nigeria to try and collect funds, and have been killed. When I was nearly scammed a few years ago, I was in touch with the State Department, and they warned me about that.

  • simplesally

    I forward the email I got yesterday to [email protected] Hopefully, they will research it, but I am not the first to send them an email I'm sure!

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  • Elsewhere

    I get that damn letter very few weeks.

  • drahcir yarrum
    drahcir yarrum

    If one travels to Nigeria to collect funds from these people and in the process gets killed, I would tend to believe that natural selection is proceeding normally. The herd is being thinned.

  • Mulan

    No kidding.

  • Cappuccino OC
    Cappuccino OC

    I got two of these crazy letters today. I just deleted them. I thought how dumb is this "bubba" guy? Yeah I can just see the 'resemblance' between this person who is most likely black & I'm kinda white (more beige).

    Too weird.

  • recoveringexjw

    if yall think i was serious in my reply then yall are in need of some serious professional help.i gave him a taste of his own medicine.first of all deforrest kelly was dr mccoy on star trek. second of all im 36 divorced and n0one of wat i said in my reply is true

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