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  • restorebeauty

    Just wanted to know, do any of you celebrate holidays now. If so, was it a hard transition, if not, why not.


  • pomegranate

    Everyone should abide by his/her own conscience.

    Which is what I do, which is why I had/have no problem celebrating.

    That's what I believe anyway.....

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  • Gopher

    I have been "socially integrated" into my sister's husband's family. They get together on holidays as a way to eat and talk, and to enhance the feeling of "family".

    So we have done Christmas, birthdays, Father's and Mother's Day, Thanksgiving and the 4th of July.

    Being raised in the bOrg, I feel no emotional attachment to holidays per se, but enjoy them socially.

  • LB

    We celebrated Christmas last year without guilt or remorse. This year I will hang lights on the outside of our home. We participated in a 4th of July parade and did my birthday. The birthday was against my better judgement as I feared the amount of candles might set oregon on fire. Oh, wait, it is on fire.

  • larc

    Yep, I celebrate everything. When the kids were young it was just me, mom, and the three kids. Now that they are married, it is even more fun, with a house full of kids, spouses, grandkids, and inlaws. I love it.

  • blacksheep

    I've been out over 15 years, but began celebrating holidays with no guilt/remorse WHATSOEVER immediately. I never bought the lame reasons JW's offered for NOT celebrating anything: it seemed to me only an excuse to refrain from having fun, possible bonding with "worldlings," etc. When you really RATIONALLY think about it, JW's are on incredibly shakey ground when trying to find plausible excuses for actively NOT joining in celebrations. Hey, if they personally don't want to as individuals, that's there right, but the institutionalized way they go about shunning celebrations is stupid. They can find something "pagan" in everything.

    It's another one of their cult games. Now with small children, I cannot imagine life without a few special celebrations.

    They can be as ascetic as they like, it doesn't make them any better than anyone else.

  • back2dafront

    I spent this past Xmas w/ my girlfriend and her family, and let me tell you - it was SO NICE! All it is is a special time to think of those you love and surprise them with something you think they can use and will appreciate. And now that her family is spread all over, it's a great opportunity for everyone to come together and catch up on things. It was truly a wonderful event - there was nothing religious or pagan about it at all. How anyone could think that what we did was wrong in God's eyes is beyond me...

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