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    ..response from Jehovah's Witnesses. It may label me "meddlesome" or even "unforgiving". I realize and accept that as a consequence of what I am about to say. However, I sincerely hope that Jehovah's Witnesses will read everything I have to say before labeling me. In the text that follows, when I quote from Jehovah's Witnesses, I will use the word "excrement" in place of another word which is now apparently permitted in general circulation publications, and which I have edited out. Jehovah's Witnesses is a psychologically defective organization. It's what the psychiatrists call a constitutional psychopath or a sociopath.

    I want to make it perfectly clear what I do not intend to do in this letter before I carry on with what I do wish to accomplish with it. But first, I'm going to jump ahead a bit and talk in general terms about how Apostates's arguments are a veritable dictionary and synonymicon of careerism. Then, I'll back up and fill in some of the details. Okay, so to start with the general stuff, as a dynamic historical current, ethnocentrism has taken many different forms and has evolved dramatically in some ways. Now, that last statement is a bit of an oversimplification, an overgeneralization.

    Yet there's more to it than that. Jehovah's Witnesses's practices are made of the same spirit that accounts for the majority of the problems we face in this world. I'm not going to say why; we all know the reason. If you were to tell Jehovah's Witnesses that I draw strength and courage from knowing that most people comprehend the crusade to stop Jehovah's Witnesses and are supportive of my role in it, it'd just pull its security blanket a little tighter around itself and refuse to come out and deal with the real world. The recent outrage at Jehovah's Witnesses's accusations may point to a brighter future. For now, however, I must leave you knowing that negligent worrywarts thrive when the rest of us underestimate the threat they pose or are too weak or unorganized to hold the line.

    The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society's wisecracks are based on a technique I'm sure you've heard of. It's called "lying". Although a thorough discussion of unctuous racism is beyond the scope of this letter, my purpose here is not to address the legitimate anger, fear, and alienation of people who have been mobilized by The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society because they saw no other options for change. Well, okay, it is. But I should point out that The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society offers its assistants a vehicle of sorts for their revenge fantasies. That's the sort of statement that some people insist is naive, but which I believe is merely a statement of fact. And it's a statement that needs to be made, because it has been said that The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society could really use a heart, just like the tin man in The Wizard of Oz. I believe that to be true. I also believe that if it believes that the most jaundiced vagabonds I've ever seen have dramatically lower incidences of cancer, heart attacks, heart disease, and many other illnesses than the rest of us, then it's obvious why it thinks that we're supposed to shut up and smile when it says lousy things. As another disquieting tidbit, the following must be stated: If The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is going to waste taxpayers' money, then it should at least have the self-respect to remind itself of a few things: First, its op-ed pieces have nothing to do with freedom and honor but everything to do with nihilism. And second, it doesn't use words for communication or for exchanging information. It uses them to disarm, to hypnotize, to mislead, and to deceive. I must emphasize that if I hear The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society's followers say, "Bookish blockheads make the best scout leaders and schoolteachers" one more time, I'm undeniably going to throw up. Finally, whatever your thoughts or feelings about The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society are, I urge you to help me put to rest the animosities that have kept various groups of people from enjoying anything other than superficial unity.

    Currently, Christendom lacks the clout to propound ideas that are widely perceived as representing outright absenteeism. But before the year is over, it will have enough attendants to do the entire country a grave disservice. I have two words to say about Christendom's jibes: contumelious poppycock. The present controversy demands honest dialogue, not crude attempts at demonization. But even if we disregard all that and examine only Christendom's officious conjectures, this seems to me to be enough to show that when Christendom tells us that it answers to no one, it somehow fails to mention that it makes a virtue of irremediable fault. It fails to mention that some feral cheapskates are hopelessly obscene. And it fails to mention that you may be wondering why what I call naive bums latch onto its overgeneralizations. It's because people of that nature need to have rhetoric and dogma to recite during times of stress in order to cope. That's also why Christendom insists that its agendas are a breath of fresh air amid our modern culture's toxic cloud of chaos. Sorry, Christendom, but, with apologies to Gershwin, "it ain't necessarily so." We are at a crossroads. One road leads into the light of a bright, shining future in which avaricious, bestial mafia dons like Christendom are thoroughly absent. The other road leads into the darkness of Dadaism. The question, therefore, is: Who's driving the bus? A complete answer to that question would take more space than I can afford, so I'll have to give you a simplified answer. For starters, I must defend my honor. I put that observation into this letter just to let you see that if you look soberly and carefully at the evidence all around you, you will truly find that it is easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle than it is to convince Christendom's apostles, who are legion, to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable in our society -- the sick, the old, the disabled, the unemployed, and our youth -- all of whose lives are made miserable by Christendom. But that's not all: I believe I have finally figured out what makes organizations like it utilize questionable and illegal fund-raising techniques. It appears to be a combination of an overactive mind, lack of common sense, assurance of one's own moral propriety, and a total lack of exposure to the real world.

    If I didn't sincerely believe that I have a score to settle with Jehovah, then I wouldn't be writing this letter. Jehovah is too power-hungry to read the writing on the wall. This writing warns that if everyone does his own, small part, together we can focus on concrete facts, on hard news, on analyzing and interpreting what's happening in the world. Have you ever had a bad dream about Jehovah trying to fragment the nation into politically disharmonious units? Well, I have news for you. That wasn't a dream; it was real. Now that this letter has come to an end, I hope you walk away from it realizing that by opting for the easy, short-term, feel-good path, Jehovah will utilize questionable and illegal fund-raising techniques sometime soon.

    Thank you for listening.


  • Farkel


    Take a deep breath, clear your head, start with a fresh piece of paper and say what you really want to say.

    Use a lot less words.


  • Naeblis

    Let's talk again about an all-too-familiar subject: Mr. Farkel Farkelstein and his sordid pronouncements. I would like to start by discussing Farkel's bons mots, mainly because they scare me. The thing I'm the most frightened about is that Farkel claims that he is a bearer and agent of the Creator's purpose. That claim is preposterous and, to use Farkel's own language, overtly stubborn. No history can justify it. Common sense and scientific evidence agree: He is not as wild or peevish as you might think. He's more so. As I've said in the past, the unalterable law of biology has a corollary that is generally overlooked. Specifically, Farkel's shock troops argue that it is disorganized to question his practices. These are the same sullen scoundrels who reduce social and cultural awareness to a dictated set of guidelines to follow. This is no coincidence; there are those who are informed and educated about the evils of fascism, and there are those who are not. Farkel is one of the uninformed, naturally, and that's why my love for people necessitates that I present a clear picture of what is happening, what has happened, and what is likely to happen in the future. Yes, I face opposition from Farkel. However, this is not a reason to quit but to strive harder. Our goal must now be to anneal discourse with honesty, clear thinking, and a sense of moral good. If you believe that that's a worthwhile goal, then I can indisputably use your help. Let me hear from you.

    Smile big guy :) http://hugin.sigusr1.org/~pakin/complaint

  • CoolBreeze

    Let me see if I can synopsize the previous statement. Correct me if I'm wrong, but what I think you're saying is:

    "Watchtower, I'm herby delaring war against you. I will take your God Jehovah, rip off his head, and piss down his neck."

    Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.


  • Farkel




    Succinct! Perfect!

    Windbag Class

  • outnfree

    Well, maybe Anton's right, but, if not, all I can say is, "HUNH??!!!?"


  • sunshineToo


    so you were saying????????

  • LDH

    No writer of dystopian, alternative-history science fiction, no future-noir filmmaker, no paranoid conspiracy theorist could make this stuff up.


    Going to sleep Class

  • seedy3

    Hmmmmm too many big words for us JW high school drop outs, I actually had to get out my dictionary. :)


    P.S. Actually I have not posted in a while and thought this was a good place to put a BS post. LOL

  • libra_spirit


    Good post, have you ever read Ayn Rand? I highly recommend you check out her political philosopy!

    www.aynrand.org I think is the site for the Organization she started.

    You may find her views on religion and it's proper place in our lives very intresting.

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