bad associations spoil useful habits? huh?

by knighthawk1981 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • concerned mama
    concerned mama

    Do you have any idea how insulting this is to a worldly person???? Everytime I hear this it just infuriates me. I fully admit that in our situation, I take it very personally. My daughter is a goody two shoes (except she won't break up with this boy) and her JW boyfriend is considerably wilder than she is, so, just who is the bad association here??????????????

    A lot of the JW jargon is insulting to worldy people. So JWs are in the truth, I guess I am in the lie. Huh?????

    I suspect that if JWs talked in their theocratic language to worldly people more often, it would alienate more people a lot faster.

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