What a jerk...

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  • SpiderMonkey

    Good point Berten! Apparently, Jehover declines to use his more miraculous powers when it interferes with his love for death and dismemberment

  • songmistress

    I've always wondered a bit about Sampson's sanity. Delilah screws him over again and again

    and he tells her the source of his strength. Does love/lust truly make a person that stupid.




  • joannadandy

    Hmm....perhaps the whole human theory is correct, in which case songmistress; I have no problem with Sampson...I can relate even...meet me in chat sometime and I will tell you all about the men I let walk all over me, again and again, and again, cuz well, I was in love damnit!...ahh to be young and stupid--sucks to be me.

  • badapple

    Yes well, there are lots of god's favoured ones mentioned in the Bible whom have definately acted quite imperfect. Roybatty made a good point about Jacob later become a better man. It's good to know that even chosen ones made mistakes.

    Even so, I have to agree with you Joanna & Ugly cause what Jacob did was horrible. However, reading the account I notice that his mum Rebecca had quite a lot of influence over him. She was the one giving him all the ideas. Very norty!

    Now one guy I don't like is that King David. Now who did he think he was? King or something? I mean how many wives & concubines did he have? Quite a few I believe. But no, that wasn't good enough was it? He had to have Bathsheeba too. And poor Bathsheeba, did she have a choice? Probably not. Ah, but that was not enough for Davie, no of course not. He had to then go and plot to have her hubby killed in battle. Good one! But god forgave him, so there's hope for us all then.

    Ugly mentioned Paul. Yeah he was bright wasn't he? Actually the more I read about those disciples the more I realise how slow off the mark they really were. I mean Jesus warned them about what was going to happen after he died. He did that three times. But obviously, more repetition was required. Thomas even went as far as wanting to put his finger on the scars of the nails that were in Jesus's hand & his hand on Jesus's side, or he would not believe. (John 20:24-26). But Jesus was very patient with them, & he loved them. I guess that's what it's all about - forgiving.

    The Bible is full of exciting stories. There's war, betrayal, murder, supernatural occurences, enviromental disasters, love & romance, sexual references, a wild birthday party (including decapitation), good versus evil. I'm sure you can think of heaps more. Makes for a good bedtime story!


  • funkyderek

    God forgave David for adultery and murder. Apparently this shows that God is all-loving and forgiving.

    God killed Uzzah for touching the ark of the Covenant, even though Uzzah's motives were pure and he probably acted instinctively, showing that God is a petty hypocrite.

  • songmistress


    I have been guilty of the doormat syndrome too, but Delilah was so obvious by this point. Makes me think of the song "When a man loves a woman".

    I'd love to chat with you. Maybe we will manage to be in there at the same time someday. I live in Oregon and am in there many evenings.



  • Kingpawn

    Ugly Duckling,

    To answer a few points you brought up:

    See Ez. 16:49, 50 for an explanation of Sodom's sin--inhospitality among others. but not sex. Like it or not, Israel was a patriarchal society and women were like cattle--the eldest male could do with them what he wanted. When a woman was given in marriage, how much input did she have in it? Anyway...to Lot and his neighbors, there was a duty to help strangers, and this duty took precedence over his own household member's safety. So in offering up the girls he was "doing the right thing."

    And what about this thing between Paul and Timothy? Is this where pedophilia in congregations first started?

    Assuming they had a homosexual relationship (some speculation says Paul was a repressed homosexual), Timothy was apparently of age, since he went with Paul in the ministry. Remember Paul saying to him, "Since a young age you have been taught the Scriptures...?" This (if he was a minor) would be ephobephilia (sp?) but not pedophilia.

    I also liked Peter, who was kind of a likable bumbler.
    Peter tried to tempt Christ to avoid arrest and the stake, abandoned Him at His arrest, and denied him three times afterwards. Maybe the rest of his life was spent in remorseful overcompensation. He lived with a guilt trip. But he did receive the vision that now Gentiles were clean.

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