Are Jehovah's Witnesses Christian or Cult, Do JWs Offer Solutions for Local and Global Problems of life?

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  • Bonsai

    If you live each day like it's the last day of your life in this world, then you are bound to put a lot of important things off. You eat junk food because you don't care about the long-term effects. You unplug from reality because it no longer holds any concrete significance for you.You ignore the current problems such as homelessness, pollution etc.

    JWs as a whole, have lived this way for over 130 years! The garbage has built up, the rust is showing and there are leaks everywhere in the JWmobile. The host (this world) is starting to reject the parasite (JWs) after many many years of blood sucking.

  • skepticSam
    "JWs are definitely on the 'Christian' spectrum. However, they view Christianity in a different way than the mainstream religions do, and there are reasons why it is this way.

    How they contribute to solving the troubles that plague humanity is done at a personal level, one a person at a time so to speak. Let me explain. In my Spanish cong there are several examples of individuals whose lives we lived while drinking in excess, smoking, drugs, and other unwise ways; since becoming JWs, these same people seem to live a better quality, cleaner life. So, rather than distributing food at the KH, the teachings dispensed there are spiritual food that, when put into practice, help the subject to take ownership of behavior and adjust it for a better outcome.


    While working on Kingdom Halls we have many people show up and ask if we had a "Mercy or Food Aid" to help the poor. A station-wagon with three crying hungry babies and two tweaked parents, not the first time and not the last. Piously we showed them our building and handed them a few donuts and snacks the congregation brought to help the workers. They were not really impressed and neither was I, I have seen from decades of being a elder and longer being a JW, we don't help like you claim. Maybe it's because I've been in the Mandarin, Spanish, Aremenian, Tagalogog, Hindi, French, English, and Japanese groups, perhaps I was too busy helping form these new language groups while attending two sets of meetings to see how we help them.

    The first time I attended a local church (Non JW) that was deeply invovled in the community, I was shocked at how calloused our religion is. Than researching the Early Christian Church and how people benefited greatly by knowing a group that opened up it's arms to all instead of focusing on itself, that's when I realized JWs are not Christian, they are a offshoot of a White Adventist Religious Movement with no ties to anyone outside their congregation(as if being in a congregation is a guarentee the JWs will help their own. Many here have proof that JWs don't give shit about their own, so why would they care about the World and it's Poor?). This is just the ramblings of a Elder who is burned out after helping brothers start many language groups, often the new language people after learning English bailed on us because we offered them nothing of value, we don't preach Grace and boy do we judge each other's works harshly!

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Some 40-odd years ago, I was rather incensed when some "born again" type ridiculed the JW religion:

    - claiming that all it could offer people was a "Pie in the Sky".

    However............ he was quite correct in making that claim!

    Homeless and/or hungry people have more immediate needs than a Pie in the Sky - let alone one that is forever going to happen "soon".


  • jhine

    So do JWS think that Christendom does not preach the Gospel ? The comment about helping people personally to change their lives shows the JW arrogance that says only they do this . Of course Christendom also gives spiritual help on a personal level . Lots of people have turned their lives around after accepting the Gospel message , but for hundreds of thousands around the world it isn't as easy as having a change of attitude . They need practical help to change their circumstances .

    The WT chooses to ignore this . I do get ticked off by the assumption of JWs that they are the only people who do this or that . Like printing the Bible in different languagesand worldwide preaching work .


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