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  • teenyuck

    Since I grew up in and around Chicago, my husband and I decided to go see the group by the same name. We both love their music and have been fans for years. We finally got the opportunity to go. We were sitting in the 6th row, off to the right of the stage. I have never been so close to the band at a concert.

    It was 95 degrees and the humidity was over 90% in Columbus, Ohio. Overall a miserable time to be at a concert.


    The original band members, Robert Lamm, Jimmy Pankow, Walter Parazaider and Lee Loughnane are incredible. They are all over 50 and can play and sing circles around bands whose members were born in the 70's.

    Jimmy Pankow, who plays trombone is HOT!! He is buff. He came out, in the 95 degree heat, in a "Day-Go" T. (This is a term that is in reference to Italians and T-shirts...I have no idea how it is spelled, hence the phonetic version--I have only heard this term in Chicago)

    He is in very good shape. He looks like a weight lifter. Very nice arms. They handled his horn well!

    He is on the far right.

    Towards the middle of the show he changed and came out in a muscle tee-shirt. The women in the audience were going crazy. He was strutting.

    It was a great concert. They played for 1 hour 45 minutes. No break. In the heat and humidity. The drummer did a solo that would have done Alex Van Halen proud and that is when Jimmy Pankow did his quick change.

    I would recommend their show to anyone who likes the group and/or has the greatest hits. They played all their hits. They were enthusiastic and it came out in the way they played their music.

  • Nikita


    I love Chicago, that's one of the groups my Dad got me interested in growing up. I like their eariler stuff more than the later stuff, but it was always good! Would love to see them someday! James Taylor is another one I would love to see!

    Glad you braved the heat to enjoy it!


  • MikeMusto

    yes..umm.but he has a sorry mullett

  • teenyuck

    Hey, lots of men who lose their hair are still's all in the attitude! It also helps if you are well muscled and handsome.

  • LuckyLucy


  • Bendrr

    Glad you enjoyed it, Puffs. I like all classic rock and it always makes me proud to see these older guys get out there and show the world how it's still done.

    Oh, and Musto. Let's step outside into another thread and discuss this.


  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    hey mike, i heard mullets are making a comeback :)

    (glad you had a grand time, puffs - musicians are the coolest)

  • MikeMusto

    Hi incense,

    You heard wrong. : )

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