Paganism is ok when we say it is

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  • Fredhall

    The Star,

    And I'm a pagan cat.

  • Dutchie

    The watchtower religion is based on a lie, yet many people believe that by practicing it they are serving God.

    You're right Star. Most things have a pagan origin.

    According to the watchtower Paganism is anything not in strict conformance with their religious edicts.

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    Baptism is pagan? Really? I never knew.

    Yep...long before john the baptist came along they were dunkin' em in the nile for power.

  • Imbue

    Eating, drinking, breathing and sex has a pagan origin with that mentality.

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    During the early days of the WTS a serious debate arose over the use of "Christendom's" pagan calendar - Rutherford squelched that debate in his typically even handed and temperate well-reasoned style

  • Crazy151drinker

    January thru June are based on pagen gods/events, July + Augest are named after Julius and Augustes Ceaser (not exactly pro-christian rulers), Sept- thru Dec named for 7-10. December used to be the 10th month.

    Also the days of the week are based on pagan beliefs. Sunday- Sun Day, Monday- Moon Day, Wednes day is odin day, Thursday is Thors Day, Friday is Freya da and Saturdan is Saturn Day. I forget what tuesday is. These are all nordic based.

    So theoreticly, JW should come up with a new calander and days of the week, otherwise they are all pagan 'apostates'.

  • Xander
    Eating, drinking, breathing and sex has a pagan origin with that mentality


    I Don't understand?

    Days of the week ARE pagan names. Most holidays DO have pagan origins. Wedding rings, honeymoons, wind chimes!, etc. - all pagan origin.

    Some okay for JWs, some not.

    Who makes the rules?

    (Well, we all know NOW who makes the rules - but it was difficult to figure out how 'god' picked and chose which were good and bad pagan customs when we were IN the bOrg)

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  • Swan

    That is true Crazy.

    But those are just the anglo names for the days of the week.

    In Spanish they are different, reflecting more of their Latin roots and the pagan gods they were named after.

    lunesMonday for the moon

    Tuesday for Mars

    Wednesday for Mercury

    Thursday for Jupiter

    Friday for Venus

    Saturday for Saturn

    Sunday for God

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  • Xander

    Uhhh...sure, Duck....and mind telling me who 'Mars', 'Mercury', 'Jupiter', 'Venus', and 'Saturn' were, such that they got planets (then days of the week) named after them to BEGIN with?

    Oh, that's right...pagan again.

  • Bang

    Eating the flesh of the people and animals whose strength you want to absorb, shows how inclusive of all mankind the bible is, inclusive of the earliest and most basic type of thoughts. For dubdom to believe that the bible is "all about them" just goes to show who you've been dealing with.


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