Marrying a cousin

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  • teenyuck

    EEEWWW! It is still disgusting.

    A man who marries his girlfriends adopted daughter is still a scum bag.

    The fact that he was in her life as a father figure for years comes into play. This was not just some girl he met and fell for. He was acting as the father in the family. What was in his mind all those years he was sleeping with Mia and telling bed time stories to Soon-Yi? I am guessing it was not what a normal father would have in his mind.

  • zenpunk

    Marrying a cousin? Were you the guy who left me for his first cousin 12 years ago?

  • Mulan

    Woody Allen's situation disgusts me, but does anyone think what I do about Celine Dion and her husband?

    I know there is no blood relation there, but egads, she was 11 years old when he became her manager and he was in his 50's (maybe late 40's). 18 when they slept together.

    I love her voice and think she is a wonderful person, but her husband/manager creeps me out.

  • teenyuck

    EEWW! I did not know that about Celine! I knew he was much older, however, that makes it all different.

  • Mulan

    I watched her biography on TV a few weeks ago. She is so talented, and really defended her love for this man, but it still seems almost like incest. She was just a little girl, not even mature looking, at 11. Still looked really young at 18. He was bald, gray hair, paunchy, etc. Yuck. Maybe he is an incredible man, and obviously a talented promoter, but it still looks like he took advantage of a situation.

    I read in a magazine that he is a compulsive gambler and lost 10 million dollars last year. Evidently that is why she is coming out of retirement early, and moving from West Palm Beach to Las Vegas. Not exactly a trade off, in my opinion. Las Vegas seems dangerous for a gambler though.

  • ChristianObserver

    Hello Mark :o)

    Okay - from a UK perspective :o)

    The marriage of first cousins is not allowed in the Roman Catholic Church - that relationship is viewed as within what is termed the *forbidden degrees* I believe.

    Apart from in the Roman Catholic Church, it is not forbidden within the UK as far as I am aware - my grandparents were first cousins and my great grandmothers were sisters.

    Thinking about children resulting from such a marriage, certain characteristics (good and bad) can be reinforced in such close blood relationships (eg the Habsburg's chin, haemophilia and other health related problems etc). The advantage of prohibiting marriage within the forbidden degrees is that you widen the gene pool and avoid the risks associated with in-breeding.

    *Unusual children*? That's why I don't have a pic next to my name ;o)

    It all depends on the composition of the gene pool on which you are both drawing.

  • A_Revelation

    wat if neither of the two people have any known medical conditions running through the family?

    also wat is habsburgs chin? doesnt sound very nice :(

    i dont understand how a defect like that can just appear? surely it has to be in the family before?

    i thought thats wat genes etc is all about?

    and zenpunk, no i am not :)

    i am 16

  • A_Revelation

    also were your family really defected in any way?

  • Mulan

    You are correct, A Revelation. The reason there is so much hemophilia, in the royal families of Europe, is because it was in their genes, and passed on through cousin marriages. Most weren't first cousins though. I haven't heard of it in years, so maybe has died out.

    I read a book, many years ago, about the last czar of Russian and the daughters of Queen Victoria, many of whom were carriers of the disease. It mainly affects males, but is carried by the women, who pass it to their sons, and the carrier gene to their daughters............but not all daughters are carriers.

  • Cath

    I had an ex brother in law (expat brit, not the one we all know from this forum LOL) that fell in love with his first cousin in the UK and they were married over there. Since they were allowed to be married it seems it is not against the law.

    They have since had a son and a daughter who are now in their teens and are very bright. Nothing wrong with them at all and I know that for sure as I have met them both fairly recently.

    I must say though that I was a bit perturbed when I found out that they were to wed but since they did all the tests to establish they were ok to have kids it made me feel a bit easier about it. I don't think it is illegal in Oz either.

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